How to solve Hogwarts’ secrets in Hogwarts Legacy

A school of mysteries.

Image via Avalanche Software

Hogwarts Legacy lets players embark on a magical adventure across the Wizarding World and make a name for themselves as a wizard or witch. The game’s world itself is full of engaging lore as well as some well-hidden secrets and mysteries. The eponymous Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is also filled with some well-kept secrets. Players will be spending a lot of time as a fifth-year student and can uncover these in their time there. So, let’s see how you can find and solve these secrets in Hogwarts Legacy.

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How to find and solve all Hogwarts secrets in Hogwarts Legacy

There are three Hogwarts’ secrets in Hogwarts Legacy and all of them have specific requirements to be solved. They are as follows:

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The Bridge Puzzle involves the use of the Incendio spell to solve it. After solving the puzzle, you will get access to a hidden area under the bridge. The area has several chests that you can loot to aid you in your journey.

The Clocktower Puzzle will have you unlocking the locked doors near the Crossed Wands Duelling Club. This also involves the use of spells, specifically the Alohomora, Arresto Momentum, and Glasius spells. The reward you can get by solving the Clock Tower puzzle includes two Conjuration spells and a Legendary Chest.

Finally, the Key of Admittance puzzle will have you searching for the said Key of Admittance and also requires the use of Alohomora. Using this key will let you access a secret door near the Headmaster’s office. By solving all three puzzles, you will learn all the secrets Hogwarts has kept hidden away.