How to unlock the Ice Pick weapon in Hitman 3

Get something frosty for your next mission, 47.


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The Ice Pick is one of the most desirable weapons in Hitman 3. It’s a small melee weapon that can be used to kill targets up close or from afar when thrown, but it’s not in the game by default. This guide explains how to unlock the Ice Pick, allowing you to take it into any mission you play across all Hitman 3 locations.

Complete the Snow Master Feat

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You can only unlock the Ice Pick by completing the Snow Master Feat. This Feat requires you to complete six other Assassinations and Feats in the Hokkaido Snow Festival mission. Those are as follows.

You’ll need to complete the primary Hokkaido Snow Festival mission at least four times before you’ve worked your way through all of these challenges. However, in Your Face! and Blood in The Snow can be completed in addition to any of the remaining four challenges, so you can combine a few in a single run. If you optimize your time with the game, you’ll get your hands on the Ice Pick in no time. Once you do, you can equip it as a melee weapon across any mission in Hitman 3.