How to complete the Snow Master Feat in Hokkaido Snow Festival in Hitman 3

Show off your assassination prowess, 47.


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Snow Master is a Feat in Hokkaido Snow Festival that requires you to complete several other Feats and Assassinations in Hitman 3. They’re all focused on the Hokkaido Snow Festival, tasking players with killing the target in various ways. This guide explains how to complete the Snow Master Feat in Hitman 3, so you know what you need to do to gain some extra experience for your profile.

Master the Hokkaido Snow Festival

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To complete the Snow Master Feat, you need to complete the following challenges in Hokkaido Snow Festival.

These challenges can be completed relatively easily in the primary Hokkaido Snow Festival mission. However, you can’t complete them all in one run. Instead, you’ll need to complete the mission at least four times to tick all of them off. In Your Face! and Blood in The Snow can be completed in any run of the mission, so you can combine them with any of the other challenges that are methods of killing the target.

The Snow Master Feat will be completed when you accomplish the last Feat or Assassination in the above list. You’ll then receive a chunk of additional experience for your profile and unlock the Ice Pick weapon, which you can use across any mission in Hitman 3.