How to zoom the GPS in and out in Sons of the Forest

Get your bearings.

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Sons of the Forest is not your normal survival game. It truly leaves you in the dark when it comes to figuring out the mechanics. If you want to get an axe, you need to get a rope gun and if you want to get a shovel, you need to run all over the island. One of the basic tools you have access to is the GPS, but even that is difficult to work. Understanding how to view the map is necessary to find your way on the island. This guide will show you how to zoom the GPS in and out in Sons of the Forest.

How to zoom the map in and out in Sons of the Forest

When you first wake up on the island after the horrific helicopter crash, you will be given some basic survival tools. These items will help you get your bearings and start gathering supplies. You will even have a companion named Kelvin who can help tackle some of the grunt work like collecting materials. One of the most basic items that you have is the GPS. This item lets you view the map and see where you are at.

To open your map, you simply need to press the M key. Unlike other survival games, Sons of the Forest only gives you a little handheld GPS instead of an entire map menu. This makes it a little harder to find your way around the island. When you look at the map, you will see various icons like purple exclamation points and blinking green dots. You can see more of them if you zoom in and out on the map.

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To get a better look at the map, you simply need to click the scroll wheel on your mouse. Doing this will allow you to cycle through the different views of the map. There is even a very zoomed-out view that lets you see a large chunk of the island. Unfortunately, there is no way to see the entire map without looking it up online. At least zooming out allows you to see where the caves and other landmarks are.