Minecraft Block Palette Guide – Best color combos for blocks and more

Try out some unique color schemes with these thematic Minecraft block palettes.

Image via Mojang Studios

It doesn’t take much effort or complex design to build standard structures in Minecraft. Four vertical walls of a single block type capped off by a simple horizontal roof of identical blocks can constitute a house for the purpose of gameplay. However, the repeating textures of a single block type can tend to blend together aesthetically, producing rather ugly structural facades. What better way to spruce up a bland-looking building than using a palette of similar-looking blocks instead?

Red block palette

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Creating and using a Minecraft block palette is as simple as identifying and combining blocks that share similar colors, textures, or functional use-cases within a certain type of structure. In practice, palettes allow for liberal use of varied aesthetics and appearances through randomly scattered block placements.

For example, this red palette utilizes lighter shades of red brick and darker red nether brick blocks to represent an urban architectural style that demonstrates a degree of weathering or age. This effect can be further realized on brick walls when paired with cracked red nether bricks.

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Blue block palette

Screenshot by DoubleXP

This blue block palette makes heavy use of prismarine in various forms, where prismarine bricks and dark prismarine each represent different shades of blue. Light blue glazed terracotta and warped planks complement the remaining shades of blue between the different pieces of prismarine.

Sea lanterns involve themselves organically into this primarily aquatic palette, contributing as a very light shade of blue above that of the prismarine bricks. These lanterns also act as light sources, which can incorporate some natural lighting into the floor patterns of buildings that follow this palette.

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Green block palette

Screenshot by DoubleXP

In terms of its potential flora, Minecraft is a very lush game, making a verdant block palette both easy to manage and visually pleasing. Lime and green terracottas, concretes, and moss blocks all provide a varied yet uniform base upon which to build.

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Mossy variants of cobblestone and stone bricks, while primarily bearing muted gray colors, still maintain the green-and-growing theme that ties the rest of this palette together. Additional leaves, vines, or grass can be added to really sell this reclaimed stone structure as equal parts residence and wildlife sanctuary.