MLB The Show 22: The 10 tips you need to know for Diamond Dynasty

Bring on The Show.

Image via San Diego Studios

MLB The Show’s signature card-collecting game (CCG) mode, Diamond Dynasty, is back for MLB The Show 22. In Diamond Dynasty (DD), users will need to build a team full of players from the past, present, and future, in order to take down the opposition. Diamond Dynasty is not an easy mode to get started in, but the good news is that it is not as microtransaction-filled as other CCG modes in sports games.

So, what tips do you need to know for Diamond Dynasty? Let’s go over 10 tips that we think will be of great use to you on your DD journey.

Start off with Mini Seasons

Let’s start off by mentioning one of the newest additions to Diamond Dynasty for MLB The Show 22: Mini Seasons. In Mini Seasons, users will be thrust into a 28 game season, in which players will square off in single player action against the CPU. Players, upon completing the seasons, can receive a slew of rewards, including player items, packs, and Stubs. Stubs are the virtual currency in MLB The Show 22, so get used to this term.

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Get into the Conquest

Conquests are another great way to acquire new players items, packs, and Stubs. Much like Mini Seasons, Conquest is a single-player mode. In Conquest, players will be thrown into a map with other MLB teams. The goal is to take those other teams out, and be the last squad standing. More information on Conquests can be found down below.

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Work the market

A great way to acquire Stubs is by working the Marketplace. Users can buy and sell players, plus equipment for Road to the Show, and customization options that can be used across other game modes. It’s important to be shrewd in the Marketplace. Buy for a low price, and sell for a profit.

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Collections offer free rewards

If you’re just starting out in Diamond Dynasty, get familiar with team and league collections. Each of the 30 MLB teams have a collection. In order to complete the collection, acquire all active Live Series cards for that team. Each collection comes with a Stub reward, plus a Flashback or Legend card.

Some of these player card rewards won’t be great to use. Others, on the other hand, can be great additions for your squad. Make sure to take a look at the team and league collection rewards, especially since the latter ones will be fixtures in the meta game throughout the year.

Supercharge your squad

Another new addition to Diamond Dynasty in MLB The Show 22 is Supercharged. Supercharged cards are base Live Series cards that will receive a major attribute boost for a very limited period of time. These boosts are only handed out on occasion, and will only be awarded in very special cases. Usually, players who receive a Supercharge receive one due to a major achievement, such as a grand slam or a big day at the plate.

Some of these boosts can be as high as +30-35 OVR jumps, so be on the lookout for a Supercharged card.

Look at the Player Programs and Topps Now

Much like in past years, users will be able to acquire Gold and Diamond Players from Player Programs. Player Programs involve completing a number of objectives, which can include in-game Missions, or re-enacting Moments from the past. These Programs usually yield player rewards, which can be big boosts for newcomers that need a boost. Plus, these Programs also play a role for the Featured Programs, which we’ll get to in a minute.

Also, make sure to watch for weekly Topps Now drops. Every week during the MLB season, San Diego Studios will release a set of Moments from the past week in baseball. Successfully re-enact those Moments, and users can receive a pack of Topps Now players. New Topps Now Moments and cards usually drop every Friday throughout the season.

Look at the Featured Programs

We’ve mentioned Featured Programs already, but we want to make sure you’re familiar with these Programs. Featured Programs are time-limited, and generally feature a set of boss cards, and well as other rewards, like packs and Stubs. In order to make progress in Featured Programs, users need to acquire XP. XP can be obtained in virtually every game mode, so long as you are playing and are connected to the SDS servers. However, completing Player Programs, Conquests, and Mini Seasons do generally offer greater XP rewards.

These Programs are great for free-to-play users, and grinding for XP and obtaining the boss cards and Stubs should help fill out those lineups with little issues. Yes, it will take time, but it’s worth it.

Parallels and PXP are your friends

Parallels were added to the franchise for the first time in MLB The Show 21, and this feature does return for 22. Parallels involve using a particular card in a variety of different offline and online modes in Diamond Dynasty. Use a card often, and it will receive PXP Points. The more PXP Points it will receive, and it will move along the Parallel tier chain. Each tier offers an attribute boost to a card. Cards can receive as much as a +5 boost to all categories.

We should note that PXP is even more important for MLB The Show 22, thanks to PXP Missions. PXP Missions can be found in Battle Royale, Player, and Featured Programs. So, certain types of cards will need to be used and “Paralled,” in order to complete those Missions.

Work on your skills

Chances are that if you building a Diamond Dynasty team, you’ll be looking to play online. Getting Diamond Dynasty wins in Ranked Seasons, Events, and Battle Royale do provide some sweet rewards. But, make sure you brush up on those skills before hitting the field for online play. Make sure to take a look at some of our hitting and pitching guides, should you need any help.

Don’t spend money on Stubs and packs

We’ll finish this off by imparting one last piece of advice: don’t spend money on Stubs and packs. As long as you grind regularly, and are wise with buying and selling cards on the Marketplace, you won’t need to spend a penny to beef up your team. Programs and all the packs that you receive from offline and online play should be plenty for your Diamond Dynasty team.