Sea of Thieves Season Three The Plunder Games Special Event guide – challenges, rewards, dates

Sportsmanship on the seas.

Sea of Thieves The Plunder Games Special Event

Image via Xbox Game Studios/Rare

As we prepare for the real-life Olympic Games, the Sea of Thieves is holding its own event. The Plunder Games will have you and your pirate friends complete challenges every day for the rest of the summer, and these are tasks that veteran players should be familiar with. For new players, this may be the opportunity to learn the ropes and learn some basics of Sea of Thieves.

The Plunder Games Event Challenges and Calendar

There will be one new additional challenge for The Plunder Games every day. Luckily, these challenges last beyond their start date; you can finish them any time from when they’re unlocked to the very end of the event. Finishing an event a day may be a good habit to pick up, however.

  • Opening Ceremony (Friday, July 23) – Light a beacon with a Flame of Fate, using your lantern to begin The Plunder Games!
  • Volley-brawl (Saturday, July 24) – Defeat 10 Skeletons while they’re affected by Cursed Cannonballs. Easiest on a beach.
  • Steeplechase (Sunday, July 25) – Climb up and ring the bell found high atop the Glorious Sea Dog Tavern.
  • Big Game Fishing (Monday, July 26) – Locate and defeat a Megalodon.
  • Vault (Tuesday, July 27) – Pose with grace and strength as you unlock the Vault beneath a Skeleton Fort (or Fort of Fortune).
  • Trap Shooting (Wednesday, July 28) – Defeat 3 skeletons at once by detonating a nearby Gunpowder Skeleton.
  • Slalom (Thursday, July 29) – Weave this way and that, performing 3 sharp turns while sailing by dropping anchor.
  • Human Javelin (Friday, July 30) – Launch yourself with power and precision from a ship’s cannon to land on the deck of another ship.
  • Fin-nastics (Saturday, July 31) – Be swift and nimble to defeat a shark using a Gunpowder Barrel.
  • Synchronised Sinking (Sunday, August 1) – Play a shanty aboard your ship as you and your vessel sink below the waves in unison.
  • Fry-athlon (Monday, August 2) – Unleash the power of flame and burn 3 skeletons at once using a firebomb or Chest of Rage.
  • Track a Fiend (Tuesday, August 3) – Sprint and leap across islands until you locate and defeat an Ashen Guardian.
  • Hurling (Wednesday, August 4) – With all your strength, hurl a bucket of vomit over an enemy pirate brandishing a sword.
  • Chest Relay (Thursday, August 5) – Pass the baton by handing a treasure chest over to another crew and having them turn it in.
  • Pentath-loot (Friday, August 6) – Run, jump and swim for loot until you have five chests hoarded at once.
  • Podium Finish (Saturday, August 7) – Ascend to a small Skeleton Throne (or a large Throne alongside another crew) and sit down.
  • Closing Ceremony (Sunday, August 8) – Celebrate the end of The Plunder Games by drinking with another crew while at an Outpost.

The Plunder Games Special Event rewards

Don’t expect any fancy cosmetics from completing The Plunder Games; however, there is still plenty of gold to earn, and each challenge will net you 9,999 Gold each upon completion.

How long is The Plunder Games Special Event?

The Plunder Games Special Event will last for roughly weeks, from Friday, July 23, 6:00 AM ET, to Monday, August 16, 6:00 AM ET.