Should you pull for the Staff of Homa or Aqua Simulacra in Genshin Impact Version 3.4?

Are either of these weapons worth going for?

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Like with every new Genshin Impact update, Version 3.4 brings a new set of Weapon Event Wish weapons for you to choose from. The weapons featured in the banner typically correspond to the 5-star characters featured in the Character Event Wish banner. In the first half of Version 3.4, players will be able to choose from two weapons to pull for: the Staff of Homa or the Aqua Simulacra. Which weapon is a better choice for your Primogems?

These weapons are joined by a 4-star collection of weapons also receiving rate-ups, meaning you’re more likely to get the following weapons when you obtain a 4-star drop: The Favonius Bow, Lithic Blade, Dragon’s Bane, Favonius Codex, and the Rust. The Favonius Bow and Favonius Codex are solid weapons for your support characters, while the Dragon’s Bane is Hu Tao’s best 4-star weapon. The Lithic Blade and Rust are otherwise solid but not outstanding weapons, save for a few characters who utilize them well.

Note: The Weapon Event Wish banner has a pity system that allows you to select a weapon to put on an “Epitomized Path.” Whenever you pull a 5-star weapon that is not the weapon you select, you will earn a point. When you get two points, the next 5-star weapon you pull is guaranteed to be the weapon you select.

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Should you pull for the Staff of Homa in Genshin Impact?

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The Staff of Homa is Hu Tao’s signature weapon and is a Polearm with Crit DMG as an ascension stat. This weapon is an offensive tour de force, with a passive that increases your character’s HP by 20% and another ATK bonus based on your character’s Max HP.

The Staff of Homa is one of the best Polearm weapons in the game, as it is a generally useful weapon for all DPS Polearm characters. This is Hu Tao’s best weapon, making it an obvious choice to pull for if you are a Hu Tao fan. But other characters who take advantage of this weapon are Xiangling, Raiden Shogun, Cyno, and Xiao.

Should you pull for the Aqua Simulacra in Genshin Impact?

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The Aqua Simulacra is Yelan’s strongest weapon and is similar to the Staff of Homa in stats. It has a passive that increases your Max HP by 16%, but the passive is less conditional, as it always provides a flat 20% DMG buff to the equipper, whether or not they are on the field. This means Yelan can swap out and keep the DMG buff, which of course benefits her Elemental Burst.

This weapon is a little less flexible than the Staff of Homa, but the Aqua Simulacra still offers a great beacon of offensive stats. The passive also benefits off-field DPS characters, so you can use this weapon on other characters if you don’t have a Yelan, such as Fischl.