Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – All Loading Gantry Collectibles & Where to Find Them

The Loading Gantry is a tricky location to explore in Jedi: Survivor, and this guide shows you where to find every collectible here.

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The Loading Gantry is an area with a decent number of collectibles you’ll want to find in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Not only are there several Priorite Shards, but you can find some great armor cosmetics for Cal. You will need to do several jumping puzzles to get them all, so come prepared.

Mostly due to those puzzles, some of these collectibles can be confusing to track down. This guide covers all the Loading Gantry collectibles and where to find them in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

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Where to Find Every Loading Gantry Collectible in Jedi: Survivor

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There are 12 collectibles to find in the Jedi: Survivor Loading Gantry region. As with most locations, there are a few collectibles you’ll need to have unlocked abilities in the campaign to get. If something doesn’t seem accessible, you probably just need to progress further in the story.

While exploring the Loading Gantry area on Koboh, it felt like a wonderful connection between the upcoming timeline of Star Wars with the Clone Wars era. The Clone Wars is easily my favorite time period in the saga, and being able to explore this small portion of it was truly exciting in Jedi: Survivor.

There are three types of collectibles to find in Loading Gantry: Chests, Databank Entries, and Treasures.

All Loading Gantry Chest Locations in Jedi: Survivor

There are five Chests to find in the Loading Gantry region in Jedi: Survivor.

Chest LocationsChest CollectionDescriptionReward
Chest Location 1From the lower Mediate point, head back into the loading bay through the squeeze-through. Then, jump back onto the ship where several droids are waiting. Take them out and then grab this chest at the back of the ship.Short Goatee Beard Cosmetic
Chest Location 2Next to the upper Mediate point, you’ll see an electrical section that BD can use his ability to power up. Do that and a shield door will go down, giving you a new grapple point. Up there you’ll find a chest.Commander Pants Cosmetic
Chest Location 3You need to work your way to the area above all of the battle tanks. This is where you first learn to use the air dash during the campaign. Eventually, you’ll come across a small alcove where you can find this chest.Enforcer Barrel Cosmetic
Chest Location 4From the last chest, you need to go through a green shield door to the left of the chest. Then, use the climbable wall to get on top of a new area. Dash through the next green door and then use the wall jumps to get up to an area with another chest.Persistence Lightsaber Grip Cosmetic
Chest Location 5After grabbing the last chest, you’ll see a window you can jump through. Use the wall run through here to get to a wall jump and then propel yourself to the next two wall runs. At the end of this jumping puzzle, you’ll get the last chest.Commander Jacket Cosmetic

All Loading Gantry Databank Locations in Jedi: Survivor

There are three Databank entries to find in the Loading Gantry region in Jedi: Survivor.

Databank LocationDatabank CollectionDescription
Databank Entry 1 and 2 From the lower Mediate point, head back into the loading bay through the squeeze-through. There are two things to scan here. One is a droid battle tank on the first floor and the other is a fuel tank on the second level.
Databank Entry 3Once you have the last two entries, jump to the ship filled with droids. Take them out and then use the climbable walls to get up to the next area. Turn back around and jump over to the cliff where you’ll find a Force Echo.

All Loading Gantry Treasure Locations in Jedi: Survivor

There are four Treasures to find in the Loading Gantry region in Jedi: Survivor.

Treasure LocationTreasure CollectionDescriptionReward
Treasure Location 1From the upper Mediate point, you’ll need to work your way through the area where you learned how to use the Force Dash. Eventually, you’ll see an area where you can jump across a gap to get this Treasure. If you have the shortcut behind the Mediate point, just take the first left and you can quickly grab this.Priorite Shard
Treasure Location 2Go back to the upper Mediate point and you’ll see a ramp you can go down. Underneath the ramp is the next treasure.Priorite Shard
Treasure Location 3From the lower Mediate point, go through the squeeze-through back into the loading bay. Walk to the second level of this area and then jump around a fuel tank to find this treasure.Priorite Shard
Treasure Location 4Get onto the ship near the last treasure. There’s a stack of containers near the entrance to the ship and you can jump to the top of it. At first, it might seem impossible, but with some finessing, you can get up there and get the last treasure.Priorite Shard

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