Star Wars Jedi: Survivor – How to complete Find Missing Prospectors

There are several prospectors that need your help on Koboh, and several of them are trapped in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

There are a handful of side missions you can complete in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, and each will have you assisting the many citizens of the galaxy. You’ll have to go out of your way to complete these missions, but it’s worth it for the rewards and to explore the larger regions.

One side mission will appear on Koboh called Find Missing Prospector. You’ll start this mission at the starting area of Rambler’s Reach Outpost, and you can choose to save the prospectors that could be trapped. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete Find Missing Prospectors in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

How to Start to Find Missing Prospectors in Jedi: Survivor

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You’ll learn about the missing prospector’s rumor from a fellow prospector at the starting area of Rambler’s Reach Outpost. They’ll be outside the area, in the Southern Reach on Koboh. Once you speak with them and acquire the Jedi: Survivor Find Missing Prospectors rumor, a highlighted location will appear on your map, giving you a general direction of where to start looking for them.

How to Find The Missing Prospectors in Jedi: Survivor

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The entrance to the cave you need to visit to find the missing prospectors is further south of Rambler’s Reach, close to where you started the Jedi: Survivor quest. A B2 Battle Droid will partially guard a cave entrance to the left. Take out the droid, and then go inside the mine shaft to investigate what’s happened.

When you arrive in the cave, you must jump onto the pipe to your left and climb across the open chasm. After you land and reach the other side, a door will block your way, but you can use Force Push to break it open and enter a new location called Sodden Grotto.

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After this point, turn to the left, and there will be another blocked passageway by some large metal. You’ll need to use Force Push again to enter the darkened area. We recommend using your Jedi: Survivor Lightsaber to offer some light, but it’s a straight path. On the other side is a small chasm, and you can run on the wall to your left to reach the other side.

Continue to follow the pathway, and there will be a large rock to your left that you can use Force Push on, toppling it to create a makeshift bridge. Now, you’ll have a chance to go to the left or right. The right is the proper pathway, but if you go to the left, you can see a Force Echo interaction on top of a dead researcher, which Cal theorizes is one of the dead prospectors. After investigating the Force Echo, return to the right pathway, and continue going in this direction.

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The pathway through this path is relatively straightforward. When followed, it brings you to the other side of the entrance to the Jedi: Survivor Sodden Grotto, and you can create a quick shortcut back to the entrance. From here, turn to the left of the shortcut, and follow the next path, where Cal will comment about what type of creature lives down here, noticing a ribcage. Next, turn to the left, and there will be another Force Echo Cal can interact with, which will reveal another of the lost prospectors.

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Behind this Force Echo is a large arena, and you can jump into it to start the next part of the quest. It pits Cal face-to-face with a fearsome Jedi: Survivor creature: a Rancor. It turns out this is why the Prospectors went missing in the first place, and you’ll need to fight it.

How to Defeat the Rancor in Find Missing Prospectors

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Although the Rancor hits like a starship, you can use your size advantage against it. We recommend weaving in quick attacks against the creature before jumping away and avoiding any of its swinging limbs. Its attack patterns include throwing down one fist and then the other, which will cause a small shockwave when it hits the ground. You’ll want to move to the side to avoid these strikes. Alternatively, it may use Unblockable attacks, forcing you to dive away from the creature.

Thankfully, the Jedi: Survivor Rancor does not have any ranged attacks. However, despite its large size, the Rancor does have a lunge that it can use to close the distance between the two of you and typically follows this up with strikes you can parry or an Unblockable grab. If the Rancor grabs and eats you, it’s an immediate kill. You want to avoid these attacks at all costs.

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The best strategy to fight against the Rancor is to parry as little as possible and remain nimble. The Rancor is relatively slow in its attacks, and if you take a single hit, it usually takes out a good amount of your health, so you want to be healing frequently and often. In addition, many of the Rancor’s attacks cause shockwaves, so merely dodging away from a limb is not enough. You want to entirely avoid those attacks and prepare to dive away from these shockwaves.

Upon defeating the Rancor, the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Find Missing Prospectors rumor will be completed, and you’ll have triumphed over a Legendary Creature.

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