Tears of the Kingdom: How to Complete Gloom-Borne Illness

This guide covers how to complete the Gloom-Borne Illness side adventure in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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Gloom-borne Illness is one of many side adventures you’ll encounter in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Like most things in the game, the solution isn’t immediately apparent. If you come across the adventure early in your playthrough, gathering everything you need to complete it might take you some time. Should you try to do it after a couple dozen hours, you might well be able to finish almost as soon as you start. No matter your situation, this guide covers how to complete the Gloom-Borne Illness adventure quickly and easily.

Completing Gloom-Borne Illness in Tears of the Kingdom

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Shorlty after reaching Kakariko Village, you’ll note that the armor shop’s prices are rather high: 5,000 Rupees for a single piece of Stealth gear. The reason is, the shopowners grandmother is sick. To start Gloom-Borne Illness, head up the path leading away from the shop, past the pumpkins, and across the bridge to your right. A young Shiekah woman named Lasli will be sitting next to a cooking pot. Speak to her to learn more of her grandmother’s plight and start Gloom-Borne Illness.

Your quest is to cook a special porridge that can reverse the effects of the gloom. To do so, you need Hylian rice, fresh milk, and Hylian Herbs (what she calls wild greens), as well as an ingredient to reverse the gloom. This final, secret ingredient is called Sundelion, and you can find it in abundance on almost any Sky Island. It’s a yellow flower that grows on any of them with other plants or grasses. The other ingredients are a little harder to come by.

How to Make the Porridge for Gloom-Borne Illness

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To get the remaining ingredients for the grandmother’s porridge, you’ll need to go out of your way and explore Hyrule a bit. Hylian Herbs are the green sprouts you can find in almost any grassland area in Central Hyrule, but Fresh Milk and Hylian Rice will take a little extra work.

Lasli mentions that there are wandering merchants on the roads to the west of Kakariko village, and indeed there are, but they don’t have any guaranteed location beyond that large operating area.

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Your best bet is to travel to the Wetland Stable, either by following the road west and north from Kakariko, or fast traveling there and working your way back to the village. The merchants traverse the roadways at all hours, so you’ll eventually see one driving a horse-drawn carriage. You can buy both Fresh Milk and Hylian Rice from them.

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Both ingredients are also available at general stores across Hyrule but tend to require completing long questlines to unlock. I recommend sticking to the roads near Kakariko for your sanity and for the sake of time.

Once you have everything, return to Lasli’s cooking pot and put everything in to make the porridge. Take the newly cooked meal to her grandmother in the nearby cottage, and when she’s done eating, she’ll immediately start to feel better. The family will rejoice, they’ll give you some regular porridge as a small token, and most importantly, the prices in the armor shop will drop to more reasonable levels.

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