Tears of the Kingdom – How to Find & Complete the Jonasu Shrine

Players will find a ton of shrines during their adventures in Tears of the Kingdom. Here is how to complete Jonasu Shrine.


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The Jonasu Shrine is one of the many shrines in Tears of the Kingdom that players can find during their adventures, and with it, earn themselves a Light of Blessing and some useful upgrades.

The Jonasu Shrine is perfect for players who have just touched down in Hyrule, as it’s in the early areas of the game and is relatively simple to complete. This guide will go over where to find¬†The Jonasu Shrine¬†and how to complete its puzzles.

Where to Find the Jonasu Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

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You can find the Tears of the Kingdom Jonasu Shrine in the Lanayru Wetlands, almost directly east of Lookout Landing. You should see it as the base of a small hill towards the top of the Wetlands.

How to Complete A Deep Force in Tears of the Kingdom

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Once you enter the Jonasu Shrine, head down toward the pool of water in the first room. You will see the water, a yellow ball, and a large button facing down toward the water below. You’ll need to use the Tears of the Kingdom Ultrahand ability to grab hold of the ball and use it to push the button above the water. At first, I tried dropping it into the water and discovered the ball would bounce back, but could not reach the button.

After scratching my head for a moment, I realized the answer was actually very simple. You’ll need to push the ball under the water with Ultrahand and release it, which will cause the ball to shoot out of the water with enough force to hit the button. This will open the gate located to the right and take you to the next room.

When you enter the next room, be sure to use Ultrahand to grab the chest located in the water to your left, and you’ll get yourself a Strong Construct Bow. You’ll also have a Tears of the Kingdom Construct to deal with, but this should be quick and easy.

Next, you’ll head into another room with the same layout as before, with another upside-down button. You won’t have a ball in the water this time, but a large plank instead. Now, it didn’t occur to me immediately how to use the plank to hit the button, so I instead went back into the first room, grabbed the ball, and used that to press the button the same way as before.

Only after I did this did I realize how I could have used the plank. You’ll want to Ultrahand and rotate the plank to have it standing upright longways. Repeat the same process of placing it down into the water as face as you can, and release it to have it launch up and hit the button. Either way will work; such is the beauty of Tears of the Kingdom’s freedom and experimentation. After that, a gate will open to the right of the water for you to head on through.

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Once you are in this TotK shrine room, you’ll see more water, another ball, and a large gate blocking you from the exit. Instead of a button, you’ll see a lift suspended above the water, with a wood plank preventing it from falling. You’ll want to Ultrahand the ball, place it under the lift, and let it go. This should launch it up into the lift and knock the wood plank away, causing the lift to drop into the water.

Once the lift and ball are down, use the plank to create a small bridge so you can head over and jump into the lift. Next, Ultrahand the ball, and place it underneath the lift, ensuring you are inside it first. Release the ball, and the lift will fly up and launch you into the air. From there, paraglide over the large gate, and you’ll be at the exit and able to claim your well-earned Tears of the Kingdom Light of Blessing.

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