Tears of the Kingdom – All Flux Construct Locations

Link will face many massive foes throughout Tears of the Kingdom, including fierce Zonai bosses called Flux Constructs.


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Tears of the Kingdom is packed full of wonderous places to discover on the ground, below it, and in the sky. Hyrule has never been more expansive and densely packed with activities and cultures, even if some of them are hostile. One of the newest peoples in the series, the Zonai, has left behind a series of machines called Flux Constructs, and Link can hunt them down across Hyrule for incredible fusion technology.

If you’re looking to find all of the Flux Construct locations then I’ve done some of the hard work for you. Here is everything you need to know about Flux Constructs in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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Every Flux Construct Location in Tears of the Kingdom

The table below lists the location of every Flux Construct in Tears of the Kingdom. While one is available in the tutorial area, The Great Sky Island, the others will require some legwork to find. Complete every Skyview Tower possible, and this will be a lot easier.

Flux Construct NameLocationHow to Beat itRewards
Flux Construct Iflux-construct-i-map-reference-the-legend-of-zelda-tears-of-the-kingdom
The Great Sky Island
0486, -1542, 1439
To beat this Flux Construct I, attack the glowing cube in its foot until it breaks apart. Repeat this until the second phase, when Link needs to use Ultrahand to pull out the glowing cube and attack it. Fight through each of these phases until the Flux Construct explodes. When defeated, this Flux Construct drops a few Zonai Charges, a Fan, a Portable Pot, and the Flux Construct Core I.
Flux Construct Ianother-flux-construct-i-map-reference-for-hebra-mountains-sky-in-the-legend-of-zleda-tears-of-the-kingdom
Hebra Mountains Sky
-3832, 2681, 0544
After beating the first Flux Construct I, this one is a simple battle for Link when he eventually comes to it. This enemy drops a Flux Construct Core I and other useful items such as a Large Zonai Charge.
Flux Construct IIflux-construct-ii-map-reference-the-legend-of-zelda-tears-of-the-kingdom
Sokkala Sky Archipelago
3651, 1813, 0988
To beat this Flux Construct II, Link must attack the glowing cube through every phase as with Flux Construct I. However, there’s a glider on the connected island to help him fight the miniboss when it floats into the air and attacks from above. Use this to take it out when it’s in this form, then continue to remove the glowing block and attack it in all other phases. flux-core-ii-pulverizer-the-legend-of-zelda-tears-of-the-kingdom
Once defeated, Flux Construct II drops Zonai Charges, a Cannon, and a Flux Construct II Core. This Core can be fused to a weapon to boost its level by 20 points. It also looks incredible.
Flux Construct III
Beneath the North Lomei Labyrinth
North Lomei Labyrinth
-0809, 3533, 0392
This Flux Construct III is located in The Depths and forms part of The North Lomei Prophecy side quest. Players can beat it by climbing the ladder out of the arena to remove the glowing block, jumping in to attack the block, then climbing back out when the machine reforms to avoid taking damage in the dark. Flux Construct III enemies drop the most rewards of all these minibosses, including a Flux Construct III Core, which can ascend a weapon’s damage to well beyond everything else Link will have available to them.
Flux Construct III
Beneath the South Lomei Labyrinth
South Lomei Labyrinth
-1976, -3331, 0129
Link will face this Flux Construct III enemy in The Depths as part of The South Lomei Prophecy side quest. The tactic used to defeat the Flux Construct in the North Lomei Labyrinthy’s side quest can be applied here. After defeating a Flux Construct III, Link can gather a plethora of rewards, including a Flux Construct III Core which is particularly potent when Fused with Zonai weaponry.
Flux Construct III
Beneath Lomei Labyrinth Island
Lomei Labyrinth Island
4653, 3544, 0089
Link can defeat this Flux Construct III, located beneath Lomei Labyrinth Island, while completing The Lomei Island Prophecy side quest. The same strategy used to defeat the Flux Construct IIIs at the other labyrinths will worth with this one. When the Flux Construct III has been defeated, Link will have access to all of the loot it stored, including Zonai Device Capsules and a powerful Flux Construct III Core.

What Are Flux Constructs in Tears of the Kingdom?

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Flux Constructs are colossal Zonai Constructs left behind to guard the Sky Islands above Hyrule. Much like the other hostile Constructs, their orders are to guard against intruders, so they’ll attack Link on sight. Link needs to attack the glowing block within each Flux Construct to beat them. Sometimes this requires using Ultrahand and other abilities, particularly when fighting Flux Construct I. Once defeated, these enemies drop many materials Link can use in his journey, including Flux Construct Cores.

What to do With Flux Construct Cores in Tears of the Kingdom?

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Flux Construct Cores are powerful items Link can fuse with weapons to make them incredibly strong. The first one we found, Flux Construct Core I, boosted a mere stick to deal 14 points of damage. Each Flux Construct will drop a different type of Core, meaning the effects of fusing that Core will vary. However, they’re worth gathering and holding onto for when Link faces a powerful foe such as a Gleeok.

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