The 10 best Genshin Impact TCG cards – Best cards for Genius Invokation

Achieve sweet, sweet victory with these powerful cards.

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The addition of Genius Invokation to Genshin Impact’s meta has been a breath of fresh air for longtime players, who have been hungry for new endgame content. With a wide array of support cards and characters to choose from, the possibilities for building a powerful deck seem endless — but which cards will bring players to victory?

We’ve compiled a list of the most powerful cards in Genshin Impact’s new TCG minigame. As each card brings something new to the table, these cards won’t be ranked in any particular order. Although the TCG has been out for some time now, Hoyoverse has made it clear that there is much in store for Genius Invokation.

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Aquila Favonia

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Similar to the in-game weapon, the Aquila Favonia card is a solid choice for players looking to boost their attack while simultaneously healing their active character. Equipping the Aquila Favonia will boost your active character’s damage by 1 while healing the active character by 1 whenever they take damage. Although it costs a hefty 3 Elemental Dice to equip, the Aquila Favonia is a worthy piece of equipment for all of your sword-wielding TCG characters.

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Ayaka is one of Genshin Impact’s most powerful overworld attackers, so it’s no wonder that she’s just as strong in the TCG. Not only does her Elemental Burst allow for continuous Cryo damage over the course of two End Phases, but Ayaka’s Passive Skill allows her to give Cryo infusion to the next active character, allowing even non-Cryo characters to gain a Cryo infusion on their attacks for no extra dice cost. You can obtain Ayaka by challenging her to a duel at the Cat’s Tail. 


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Once again, Genshin’s unfortunate adventurer makes himself extremely useful in the TCG minigame. Bennett is an all-around Pyro powerhouse; his Elemental Skill provides a solid amount of Pyro damage that can be deadly when creating Elemental Reactions, and his Burst gives buffs and healing according to the active character’s current HP. Just like his overworld kit, Bennett’s skillset is versatile and can feel at home in any deck, so be sure to challenge him at the Cat’s Tail to obtain his Character Card.

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Changing Shifts

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This Event Card can come in handy for players who are looking to quickly switch out characters and proc massive Elemental Reactions. Playing this card will reduce the Dice Cost of switching characters by 1, allowing players to switch their active characters without spending any of their precious Elemental Dice. This can extend turns, aid in Energy acquisition, and protect low-HP characters that need to be removed from the field. All in all, it’s a great card for any TCG enthusiast to add to their deck.


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Having a solid damage dealer in the party is important, but supports are what can make or break a team. While Chongyun’s Cryo infusion may be niche in Genshin’s overworld gameplay, his Elemental Skill makes him highly valuable within the TCG. Using Chongyun’s Skill converts his Normal Attacks to Cryo, allowing easy setup for Melt, Freeze, and Superconduct reactions for low Dice costs. Chongyun’s Elemental Burst can also wipe out enemies, making him a high-value support with a damage output that’s nothing to scoff at. 

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Crimson Witch of Flames

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Both the 2-piece and 4-piece set cards are a great addition to any player’s Genius Invokation deck. Once equipped, the Crimson Witch of Flames artifact set will reduce the amount of Pyro dice spent by 1, along with guaranteeing 2 Pyro dice with every roll for the rest of the game. The same mechanic applies to some of the other artifact sets in the TCG, like Heart of Depth or Deepwood Memories, but Crimson Witch makes our list because it can bump up the damage of some of the minigame’s more accessible characters. 

Elemental Resonance cards

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Although the Elemental Resonance card type does consist of a few separate cards, we’re including them as one entry on this list as most players will only need to add one of them to their deck. Elemental Resonance cards provide bonuses related to their respective Elements. With buffs like increased shield strength and healing effectiveness, players will want to include Elemental Resonance within their decks to reap all of the benefits of using two characters of the same Elements. 

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Jade Chamber

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This location card may seem innocuous, but using it will grant players peace of mind during the dreaded Roll Phase. Equipping the Jade Chamber guarantees that two of the dice rolled for the remainder of the game will be the same Element as your active character, which can protect players from any particularly bad rolls. The action will cost one Elemental Die, but it’s a small price to pay in order to guarantee a good roll every time. 


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With how beloved he is in the Genshin Impact fanbase, it’s no surprise that Liben makes our list as one of the best cards to add to a deck. Similar to his role in the recurring Marvelous Merchandise events, Liben specializes in turning trash into treasure; equipping him will collect any unused Elemental Dice at the game’s End Phase and convert them into Omni elements during the following Action phase, as well as allowing players to draw an additional 2 cards. All of this can be performed without sacrificing Elemental Dice, making Liben a valuable asset to any player’s deck. 


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Xingqiu proves to be a supportive staple yet again in Genius Invokation. Xingqiu’s Elemental Skill provides Hydro application, along with reducing the damage taken by the active character by 1. Where he really shines is through the use of his Elemental Burst; any active character using a Normal Attack will also deal Hydro damage thanks to Xingqiu’s Raincutter. This makes it easy to apply Hydro in a pinch, or when the active character doesn’t have enough Elemental Dice to use their Skill.