The best Luigi gear builds in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Luigi is better than Mario.

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Luigi, the taller, and, let’s face it, more talented brother to Mario is a real threat on the field. He has a strong technique attribute as well as strong passing capabilities. He is a team player who is also easy to handle if you are new to the game. Mario Strikers: Battle League may be named after the mustachioed plumber, but his brother can be the real star if you get the right build.

The well-rounded build

Unlike his brother, Luigi isn’t extremely well-rounded to start off with. He possesses a high technique skill that helps him stand out among the other characters. You can, however, adjust his attributes to make them more evened out so he can fit anywhere on the field. You will need the following gear for this build:

As you can see, this build uses gear from every set except for the Bushido Gear set to make Luigi’s stats more even. Of course, while this build does increase his strength and speed, it does take a chunk out of his passing and technique attributes.

The technical build

Screenshot by DoubleXP

Luigi’s main attribute is his high technique. Focusing on this attribute will allow you to take advantage of his Hyper Striker more often. Luigi’s Hyper Strike is one of the best for clearing the field and scoring goals after all. You will need the following gear for this build:

Yep, it’s a pretty basic build but it gets the job done. Equipping the Trick Gear set will increase Luigi’s technical skill to the max, making his Hyper Strike something to fear.

The team player build

Luigi’s other attribute that is worth focusing on is his passing stat. While this won’t help you score goals, it will help you get the ball across the field and away from your opponents. You will need the following gear for this build:

  • Turbo Helmet
  • Chain Gauntlets
  • Cannon Plate
  • Chain Boots

With a mix of the gear above, you will raise Luigi’s passing, shooting, and speed to help keep the ball away from your opponents and get the ball to your teammates to score a proper goal. This build also lets Luigi have a little bit of shooting ability to maybe score a goal himself.