Tears of the Kingdom – All Weapon Modifiers & How to Get Them

Weapon modifiers greatly enhance your gear in Tears of the Kingdom, and this guide covers each one, and where to get them.

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Making sure you have plenty of weapons on Link while exploring The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a critical game component. All of these weapons, except for the Master Sword, will eventually break after you use it enough times.

Some weapons you pick up in Tears of the Kingdom will have modifiers attached. These modifiers might make these weapons more durable, or give them an attack bonus in combat. You can find them off random weapons in the world, and there are ways to give your weapons these unique enhancements during your playthrough. Here’s what you need to know about all Weapon Modifiers and how to get them in Tears of the Kingdom.

Every Weapon Modifier in TotK

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From our experience, there are six unique types of weapon modifiers that you can find in Tears of the Kingdom. You’ll know a weapon has one of these modifiers, indicated by a small icon and a larger explanation when you hover over the item in your inventory.

Each weapon modifier has a color to it, showing the quality of the modification. These modifiers are: White, Green, Blue, and Gold. White is the lowest quality and Gold is the best quality. You can find These weapon modifiers in Tears of the Kingdom, and I’ve broken down how they each work.

Weapon ModifierAvailable GearWeapon Modifier Explanation
Attack UpMelee and Ranged WeaponsIncreases the overall attack power of the weapon when used in combat.
Critical HitMelee WeaponsIncreases the attack of the final blow when completing an attack combo with a weapon.
Durability UpMelee and Ranged Weapons, along with ShieldsThis weapon will take longer before it breaks from being used, in and out of combat.
Long ThrowMelee WeaponsIt makes throwing this weapon at a longer distance to hit a target easier.
Quick ShotBowsIncreases the draw speed of the bow.
Sheidl Guard UpShields onlyIt provides more protection against oncoming attacks when blocking with the shield.

How to Get Weapon Modifiers in Tears of the Kingdom

There are two ways to obtain weapon modifiers for any of your gear in Tears of the Kingdom. The first but more random method is to find them while you explore the game. There’s a chance any weapon you pick up in the world might have one of these modifiers on them. All weapons and gear reset when a Blood Moon occurs, which means you can revisit locations you know have guaranteed weapon drops to see if you have better luck with weapon modifier drops.

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The second method is tracking down a Rock Octorock. You need to drop the weapon in front of the Rock Octorock, wait for them to swallow it, and then prepare to block the attack when the Octorock spits it back at you. It is confirmed that when you give a weapon to a Rock Octorock, not only do they give a weapon quality, but they also repair the weapon’s durability.

Rock Octorocks frequently appear in the Death Mountain region, in the northeast section of the map. You can find them throughout this region. We found one on the south side of Golow River, at coordinates: 1435, 2354, 0323.

Unless you have the Rock Octorock spawns mapped out, they’re a little tough to track down. However, they always give any weapon you toss at them a weapon modifier. Finding these weapons out in the wild, or giving one to a Rock Octorock, are valid methods, and this should improve your gameplay as you progress through the Tears of the Kingdom campaign.

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