Tears of the Kingdom – How To Repair Weapon Durability

Are you moments away from saying goodbye to your favorite weapon in TotK? Well here is how you can restore its durability.

Link performing a sword spin in Age of Calamity

Image Via Nintendo

The divisive weapon durability system returned in The Legends of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, and just like in BotW, not everyone was stoked to see their swords evaporate after extensive use. But a new trick can help players keep their favorite weapons longer.

TotK offers little as stressful as the “Your ___ is badly damaged” notification accompanied by a pulsing red border constantly reminding players their weapon is a few hits away from Valhalla. But these fears can be put at ease thanks to this simple mechanic.

How to Increase Weapon Durability in TotK

totk rock octorok locations
Image by Gamepur

To pull this repair off, players need two things: a weapon and a Rock Octorok. The Rock Octoroks are the grey Octoroks that suck in air and spit out fireballs found around Death Mountain. The map above shows the exact location of five Rock Octoroks.

Here’s how to get the Rock Octorok to repair your melee weapon, shield, or bow:

  • Locate a Rock Octorok around Death Mountain
  • Drop the piece of gear you want to repair on the ground
  • Use Ultrahand if needed to move the weapon closer to the Octorok’s mouth
  • Wait for the Octorok to suck up the item
  • If the Octorok sparkles, the weapon’s durability has been fully restored, and a random perk has been added
  • Dodge or catch the piece of gear when it is spit out.

Note: Each Rock Octorok can only repair one item per Blood Moon cycle. After replenishing a weapon’s durability, kill the Octorok and move on to the next. The Octorok will reappear after the next Blood Moon allowing for another repair.

Players can also use this method to reroll the perk on their weapon. However, we recommend saving in front of the Octorok before offering it a weapon as you can reload the game if the perk isn’t up to your standard.

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