Tears of the Kingdom – Zelda: How to Change Your Glider Fabric

Glider fabrics in Tears of the Kingdom will give your paraglider some extra flair as you sail across the skies.


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With Tears of the Kingdom being such a huge game, exploring is a major part of how players experience the world. Thanks to tools like the paraglider, making your way across the kingdom is made easier and more enjoyable. That said, the paraglider might not look as exciting compared to other aspects of the game. Thankfully, there is a way to give it some wow factor.

In this guide, we’ll give you the details on what paraglider fabrics are and how you can change your glider fabrics in Tears of the Kingdom.

What are Glider Fabrics in TotK?

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Glider fabrics let you customize the appearance of Links paraglider, giving them a more distinct look. These can be unlocked as rewards from specific objectives such as earning Pony Points, or more notably, from scanning in various Amiibo from The Legend of Zelda collection, which will give players fabrics based on that Amiibo’s respective game.

How to change your Paraglider Fabric in Totk

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First, players will want to head to Hateno Village, located in the southeastern part of the map near the Lanaryu Mountains. If you end up traveling over the mountains to get there and to activate the Skyview Tower, make sure to have some Cold Resistant food and clothing to keep Link warm. If you don’t have a fabric, don’t worry; you can get one easily, which we will tell you about in a bit.

Once you have made it to Hateno Village, look for the Dye Shop at the coordinates 3397, 2183, 0180, which stands out thanks to its colorful vial-like decor on its front. Head on in, and you’ll see a man called Sayge, who sports reddish hair and an apron filled with dye vials. Speak to him, and he’ll go through some dialogue about his services. Once he is done, he will give you a free paraglider fabric, so you can change your fabric right away if you haven’t gotten another already.

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Then you just need to select the “Rework the paraglider” option, pick your fabric, pay 20 Rupees, and you are done. Sayge will then blast you out the chimney of the store and give you a look at your new paraglider. Don’t worry if you don’t like how it looks; you can change to another fabric as long as you have the Rupees.

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