Tears of the Kingdom: How to Get Pony Points

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has introduced a new type of currency called Pony Points. Here is how to use them.


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Stables are a helpful pit stop for players during their adventures in Tears of the Kingdom, whether getting your horses when you need a mount or resting up to restore health. Alongside these benefits, there is a new feature called Pony Points that players can use to earn themselves some great rewards and items for using the stables.

These rewards can be a big help when exploring Hyrule, and can provide players with helpful tools for their journey. In this guide, we’ll explain what Pony Points are and how you can earn them in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

What are Pony Points?

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Pony Points are a new reward system in Tears of the Kingdom that revolve around the stables found across Hyrule. The system is designed to reward players for using stables more often as they go about their adventure, making the stop more interesting while out exploring. These points can be used to unlock new items and features involving the stable’s uses and your mounts, as well as a few cosmetic additions.

How to earn Pony Points

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In order to earn Pony Points in Tears of the Kingdom, you first need to get a Pony Point Card, which you can get by talking to any of the stable masters.

To earn Pony Points, all you need to do is use any of the stables functions, such as lodging and registering a horse. As you earn more Pony Points, you’ll unlock new features and items involving the stables and your horse, such as access to the Malanya Bed and the Towing Harness.

To redeem your points and claim rewards, head over to the ledger counter on the side of the stable desk, and you can claim your rewards. If you are unsure how many points you need for your next reward, you can check by opening the menu, going to Key Items, and finding the Pony Point Card. The item description will tell how many points away you are from your next reward.

All Pony Point Rewards in Tears of the Kingdom

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Below we have listed all the Pony Point rewards we have discovered and the number of points needed to unlock them.

** This Guide is currently in progress, and will continue to update as new info becomes available**

RewardPoints NeededDescription
Towing Harness3When equipped onto your horse, players can hook up things to their horse, such as carts or large objects.
Horse-God Fabric5A fabric you can equip for the paraglider, changing its appearance.
Malanya Bed7The Malanya Bed provides additional temporary hearts to Link after resting.

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