Tears of the Kingdom – How to Complete Jiosin Shrine

Tears of the Kingdom’s Jiosin Shrine pits Link against an unexpected foe, large shapes and inaccessible ledges.


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The Shrines in Tears of the Kingdom are so varied that it’s impossible to know what to expect when entering them. Jiosin Shrine, also known as Shape Rotation, is an early Shrine in TotK that players will encounter soon after landing on the ground of Hyrule proper, setting them up for the challenges they’ll face in the rest of the game. This guide explains how to complete Jiosin Shrine to help everyone get through this head-scratcher quicker.

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Where to Find Jiosin Shrine/Shape Rotation in Tears of the Kingdom

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Jiosin Shrine is located south of Lookout Landing at map coordinates -0239, -0373, 0026. It’s easy to find by picking the southern exit from the settlement and running towards the glowing light. There’s nothing specific players need to do to reach it, but they might want to save it for when they have a good chunk of puzzle-solving time to dedicate to the devious puzzle inside.

How to Complete Jiosin Shrine in TotK

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Jiosin Shrine in TotK consists of two stages, both revolving around shapes. In the first area, players can see a large object and an ‘X’ shape in the wall. The goal here is to use Ultrahand to drag the shape through the hole in the wall and then use it as a bridge. This can be tricky, but we found that facing the gap in the wall and turning the shape until it fitted was the best way to progress. The shape is easy to place across the gap, making the bridge easy to build. Note that it’s impossible to bring this first shape through to the second area. We tried to do this because we thought it would help us skip the second puzzle, but Nintendo prepared for that by placing only the tiniest of doors for Link to go through.

The second part of Jiosin Shrine is the same as the first but uses a different shape. This time, it’s two cubes fused together. As before, stand in front of the hole in the wall and turn the shape until it fits through. This shape then needs to be used as a set of steps at the platform where the Shrine’s exit is located. It must be placed in the recess on the floor so Link can jump onto each step because there’s no climbing inside Shrines.

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