Tears of the Kingdom – How to Find Ancient Hero’s Aspect Armor

The Ancient Hero’s Aspect armor is one of the more unique sets in Tears of the Kingdom, and this guide shows you where to find it.

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There are several pieces of armor that you need to track down while playing The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Each armor offers a unique bonus while wearing it, and you can upgrade them by speaking with the Giant Faries hidden throughout the game. One notable armor set you will want to seek out is the Ancient Hero’s Aspect Armor.

Tracking down the Ancient Hero’s Aspect Armor is tricky, and it might take some time. Thankfully, we’ve been able to help streamline this process to make finding it much easier and point out where you can find every piece of this armor set in your TotK playthrough.

Where to Find The Ancient Hero’s Aspect Armor in TotK

Unlike the other armor sets in Tears of the Kingdom, the Ancient Hero’s Aspect comes in a single armor piece. It covers Link’s entire body. Additionally, the only way to unlock this armor set is by completing all 152 Shrines in Tears of the Kingdom. This means you need to track down every single one.

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After doing this, the final step requires you to return to the Temple of Time on the Great Sky Island. This was the first location you arrived at when you began the game. Head inside, and there will be a chest that you can now unlock, which contains the Ancient Hero’s Aspect armor.

*This chest will not appear unless you’ve completed all of the shrines.*

Outside of completing all 152 Shrines, there’s nothing too special about this armor. The difficulty for this armor set boils down to finding all these shrines, completing their challenges, and then making it to the end. Tracking all of the shrines down in Tears of the Kingdom will be a taxing experience, and we imagine this will be a months-long project for many as they work their way through the game.

The armor set does not offer a distinct bonus, from what we can tell. The armor’s description reads: “This item is said to contain the spirit of a hero who once saved Hyrule. That hero’s aura will envelop the wearer.” While wearing the outfit, Link possesses many features that make him look like Rauru, the Source of the Right Arm that gives Link access to all his newfound abilities in the game.

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