Tears of the Kingdom – How to Find & Complete Mogawak Shrine

The Mogawak Shrine has some tricky puzzles in Tears of the Kingdom, and this guide shows you to complete each one.

The Mogawak Shrine in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is one of many that you want to track down to unlock a Light of Blessing. These items are crucial to unlocking additional Heart Containers and expanding your Stamina wheel to make surviving the game much easier.

Tracking down the Mogawak Shrine will be easy. Once you find and activate the fast travel point, the next step is to complete the challenge awaiting you inside the shrine. We found Mogawak Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom particularly challenging, and we have a few ways you can go about solving it to reach the end and finish it.

Where to Find The Mogawak Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom

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You can find Mogawak Shrine underneath Zora’s Domain, on the east side of the map in Tears of the Kingdom. This will likely be the Shrine you find when attempting to work your way through the Zora storyline, and you try your chance at clearing the Water Temple.

All Mogawak Shrine Puzzle Solutions in Tears of the Kingdom

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The concept of the Mogawak Shrine is for you to use the Power of Water to fuel the objects inside the shrine. When you first arrive, make your way to the right, and there is a waterfall with a partially built wheel next to it.

You need to use your Ultrahand ability to pick up the board on the ground and attach it to the opposite side of the wheel. Once you’ve done that, move the wooden board piece so it’s underneath the waterfall, and it’ll begin moving and have a distinct charge on the wall.

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With that completed, the next step is to grab the battery from the center of the room. You can use your Ultrahand ability to move it and put it on the conductor at the other end of the wheel and wait for the battery to fill up with power.

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When the battery is full, return to the center of the room, and walk up the stairs to the elevator, powered by a fan. Get inside the elevator before you move the battery into place, and then set it on the spot to the left of the elevator. This should bring you to the top of the Shrine, and you’ll have completed this puzzle, giving you another Light of Blessing to add to your collection.

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