Tears of the Kingdom – How to Upgrade Weapon Storage Capacity

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players will be able to increase their bag storage by collecting Korok Seeds.

Tears of the Kingdom Hetsu

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In Tears of the Kingdom, the inventory system has been improved to provide a more streamlined and user-friendly experience. Managing Link’s backpack is now much easier than in Breath of the Wild, with major improvements noticeable from the first time it’s opened.

In this guide, we’ve detailed the significant changes to Link’s inventory and how you can upgrade your weapon inventory in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.


How to use Korok Seeds to expand Link’s weapon inventory

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In Tears of the Kingdom, Korok Seeds once again function as upgrade items that can be obtained by solving puzzles and finding their hiding spots all throughout Hyrule. Collecting and turning in 440 Korok Seeds will allow Link to max out his weapon storage space.

Link’s fully upgraded inventory, including the slots he starts with, will offer 20 slots for Weapons, 20 for Shields, and 14 for Bows. Later in the game, upon obtaining certain significant items, his stash will gain additional slots that are reserved for those items.

When you speak with Hestu, you can select which of the three stash tabs you want to upgrade. Hestu will grant you one additional inventory slot in that stash for a set amount of Korok Seeds, and the number of Korok Seeds required will increase with each turn-in. Here is a list of how many Korok Seeds you will need to collect and turn in for each expansion of Link’s inventory in Tears of the Kingdom.

UpgradeWeapon Stash
Korok Seeds Required
Shield Stash
Korok Seeds Required
Bow & Arrow Stash
Korok Seeds Required
1st Additional Slot111
2nd Additional Slot222
3rd Additional Slot333
4th Additional Slot545
5th Additional Slot858
6th Additional Slot121012
7th Additional Slot171017
8th Additional Slot251025
9th Additional Slot10
10th Additional Slot10
11th Additional Slot15
12th Additional Slot15
13th Additional Slot15
14th Additional Slot15
15th Additional Slot15
16th Additional Slot20

Where to find Hestu in Tears of the Kingdom

You can encounter Hestu at two different locations in Hyrule before he finally settles down in Korok Forest:

Link’s First Encounter with Hestu and the Hestu’s Concerns Side Adventure

When Link first encounters Hestu in Tears of the Kingdom, he will be located in the North Hyrule Plain, specifically Southeast of the Lindor’s Brow tower. Speaking with Hestu will start a Side Adventure called “Hestu’s Concerns,” in which he expresses great concern over some nearby menacing trees.

After Link defeats the trees, he will be rewarded with some Korok Seeds and will be able to trade them with Hestu to increase his stash space. Hestu will then inform Link that he plans to travel to the east where there are more people.

Link’s Second Encounter with Hestu and the Hestu’s Concerns Side Adventure

Hestu can be found for the second time near the shop area at Lookout Landing in the Hyrule Field region, just South of Hyrule Castle. When you speak with him there, if you hadn’t previously found him, he will offer another Hestu’s Concerns side adventure, in which Hestu asks you to recover Korok Seeds to bring the music back to his maracas.

It’s worth noting that you must complete at least one shrine before Hestu will appear at Lookout Landing. He will remain at this Tears of the Kingdom location and accept Korok Seeds until Link has handled the threats to Korok Forest later in his adventure.

Link Encounters Hestu in Korok Forest

Finally, once you have progressed far enough in the main adventure and cleared Korok Forest, Hestu will relocate again. Korok Forest will be his permanent location for the remainder of the game.

Hestu will continue to accept any TotK Korok Seeds you bring him until each of your stash tabs has been upgraded to its maximum capacity. To quickly and easily return to Korok Forest, take the teleport to Musanokir Shrine once you have it unlocked.

How Weapon Storage works in Tears of the Kingdom

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The inventory system in Tears of the Kingdom has been substantially upgraded to provide a significantly better experience in managing the wide variety of weapons, armor, consumables, and other materials Link will discover throughout Hyrule. Each category tab in Tears of the Kingdom is now accessible from a single screen, and you can scroll through their contents instead of navigating multiple pages.

You can also access specific parts of Link’s inventory when opening chests or looting weapons in Tears of the Kingdom, outside the normal inventory menu. Additionally, the D-pad allows you to swap weapons during gameplay without opening the inventory menu.

The inventory now opens to the armor pane by default, as players often switch armor to adapt to different environments. The overworld inventory menu is also used to Fuse items to weapons, which can even be done mid-combat for quick and easy upgrades.

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The inventory in Tears of the Kingdoms features eight different item tabs: Armor, Bows & Arrows, Shields, Weapons, Materials, Food, Zonai Devices, and Key Items. A ninth tab opens the game’s System Settings menu. Of these individual inventories, three of them must be upgraded to gain more storage capacity: the Weapon tab, Shield tab, and Bow & Arrow tab.

The remaining stash tabs will automatically expand as needed when additional items are collected. Below, we’ve detailed everything you’ll need to know about upgrading your pouch’s inventory space in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom.

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