What are the prerequisites to unlock the Arkasodara tribal quests in Final Fantasy XIV? Answered

Make sure to complete these quests.

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Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 6.15 adds the Arkasodara tribal quests to the immense repertoire of fun reputation grinds in the game. Like many of the previous expansions’ first tribal quests introduced before them, the Arkasodara tribal quests will be a great way for players to casually level up disciplines of war or magic by completing three objectives a day. However, there are a few prerequisites to finish before you unlock the Arkasodara tribal quests.

Arkasodara tribal quests prerequisite quest – Steppe Child

The first quest chain required to access this content can be found at Yedlihmad in Thavnair. The initial quest is titled Steppe Child and can be started by Ogul at X:25.6 Y:36.1 in Thavnair. This starting quest is required to fly in Thavnair and so you might have already completed it by now. If this is the case, then the follow-up quest will be called The Matanga along the Way and can be acquired by Kancana at X:25.4 Y:31.2 in Thaviar.

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Following this chain will have you do a series of sidequests that are easily completed by following the map markers. For those who might be further into the chain, the quests that come next are Ogul Repays Her Favors and The Yedlihmad Hunt, each acquired from Ogul at X:25.6 Y:36.1 in Thavnair.

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Completing these two quests will progress the chain to A Budding Adventure given by Yezahn at X:29.6 Y:17.2 in Thavnair. This is the last quest in the series and will complete the first prerequisite.

Arkasodara tribal quests prerequisite quest – What’s in a Parent

The second prerequisite quest is titled What’s in a Parent and can be started from Yezahn at X:29.2 Y:15.3 at Palaka’s Stand in Thavnair. In order to start this quest, you must have finished the main story quest Under His Wing, meaning you cannot unlock this chain until the midway point of Endwalker.

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Following this chain will give you Curing What Ails, The Sins We Bear, and Societal Alchemy in order all from the same spot.

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Arkasodara tribal quest rewards

The Arkasodara tribal quests are available to any discipline of war or magic that is level 80 or above. The quests will scale to your level and are a great way to casually level your other jobs. Dedicated players will earn unique rewards, including a new hippo mount.

Players can find further rewards in Patch 6.15 through the custom delivery NPC Ameliance Leveilleur and Hildibrand quest chain.

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