What is the monster in The Quarry? Answered

Are the campfire stories real?

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Supermassive Games’ choose-your-own-adventure horror experiences have had a variety of monsters. Until Dawn had wendigo, House of Ashes had space vampires, and The Quarry has its own special creation — monsters. Read on to learn all about monsters in The Quarry, but of course, be aware of spoilers for the game’s main plot.

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What is the monster in The Quarry?

The monster will first attack Max in the storm shelter under the cabin during the prologue. This is the first of several monsters in the game with the potential for even more, but it’s not until the back half of the story that you learn what it really was: a werewolf.

Specifically, the werewolf that attacked Max was Chris Hackett, who runs the summer camp. Chris, his son Caleb, and his daughter Kaylee are all infected. They’re not the apex werewolf, though: the three of them were infected by Silas, also known as The White Wolf. Silas was a living exhibit at the Harum Scarum, a traveling circus that made camp in the woods some distance from Hackett’s Quarry. Every full moon, Silas the Hackett trio transforms, so the non-infected members of the family try to hunt him down. If Silas dies, the curse will be lifted from the rest of the family.

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The werewolf design in The Quarry is interesting because it’s not the usual big hairy beast. Instead, an infected person’s skin bursts from their body under the full moon, tearing their clothes and spraying blood all around. The flayed monster then runs around until morning. Its own skin bursts once again at dawn as the infected person’s normal body emerges from beneath another shower of blood.

Can you get infected in The Quarry?

You bet. Infecting every counselor in the game is actually tied to an achievement/trophy. Keeping track of the infection lineage is important too. When a werewolf dies, everyone it bit is instantly cured. That’s why killing Silas will lift the entire curse in the game. Just make sure you stay out of the water if you’re infected — that stuff is like acid to a werewolf.

What about the Hag of Hackett’s Quarry?

Ryan, the podcast-loving counselor, mentions a story about the Hag of Hackett’s Quarry during the game’s first chapter. There is actually a second monster in the game, and it is the hag. She is Eliza Vorez, the owner of the Harum-Scarum. She died during the circus fire that started after Silas was freed, and her ghost appears throughout the game. You can talk to her between chapters to have her read tarot cards for you.