What is the release date for Minecraft’s Cliffs and Caves Update Part 2?

Time for more spelunking.

Image via Mojang

Minecraft is one of the most popular games of all time, and you can play it on a staggering number of platforms as you explore the world and craft just about anything you can imagine. Each update increases the possibilities even further. Part 1 of the Cliffs & Caves Update added new blocks, craftable items, plants, and animals back in June.

Part 2 is the bigger of the pair, bringing a whole lot more when it releases on Tuesday, November 30. The Minecraft website names all the major changes Part 2 is bringing to the game, including updated terrain with taller mountains and more elaborate cave systems — cliffs and caves are in the name, after all. It also adds candles as a new light source. You’ll definitely want to see where you’re going as you dive into all those deep caves.

This is a simultaneous release across the Bedrock and Java versions of the game, with seed parity. You’ll get the same experience on console and mobile devices as you would on PC and Mac. What’s more, both versions are available right now on Xbox Game Pass. They were part of November 2021’s new additions. Surprisingly, Minecraft wasn’t on Game Pass until then.

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