Where to destroy haunted household furniture in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

Remove the curse placed on four spooky locations.

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Fortnite’s Fortnitemares quests task players to battle bosses and zombies, but the toughest fight of all is arguably against haunted household furniture. Those partaking in the Halloween event are required to destroy seven in total in order to earn an exclusive cosmetic, though these magical structures are not easy to come by. Here’s where to discover haunted household furniture on the island of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

Where to find haunted furniture in Fortnitemares 2022

Haunted household furniture are in the form of chairs, bookshelves, and nightstands that float and glow inside of zombie-infested locations. However, these sort of areas are extremely limited. During Fortnitemares 2022, players can run into four haunted places, with most being in the Reality Tree’s biome. You can find all spawn locations for haunted household furniture detailed and marked below.

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  • Haunted furniture location #1: Players can find haunted furniture inside of the white mansion that sits at the center of Grim Gables.
  • Haunted furniture location #2: Their second location is within the log cabin at Willow’s Haunt, a landmark northwest of Reality Tree.
  • Haunted furniture location #3: You can also find more directly west of Reality Tree at The Knowby Cabin landmark.
  • Haunted furniture location #4: Most haunted furniture spawns inside of Greasy Grove. Each of its homes will hold at least one mystical structure on its top floor, though the POI is jam-packed with deadly, zombified NPCs.

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After you have destroyed seven pieces of haunted furniture, the challenge will reward you with a free Fortnitemares-themed contrail. Additionally, those who have reached one of the event’s questline Bonus Goals may now have the Chrome Cage Back Bling, Everything’s End Glider, or the Unmaker Pickaxe in their lockers. The free goodies don’t stop there, though. Fortnitemares also allows players to unlock the new Ink-Stained Music Pack by digging up all Terrifying Tablatures on the map.