Where to find Citrine and Shiny Citrine in Disney Dreamlight Valley

It’s a beautiful, pumpkin-y shade of orange.

Disney Dreamlight Valley features multiple different gems and minerals that can be obtained via Mining. These materials are used for crafting items and completing quests, or they can be sold to Goofy to obtain coins. Gems are also often requirements for completing Dreamlight tasks and Star Path missions. Read on to learn where you can find Citrine and Shiny Citrine in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to find Citrine and Shiny Citrine in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Citrine can be mined from Rock Spots located in the Sunlit Plateau and the Glade of Trust once you’ve unlocked the Royal Pickaxe. Any mineral vein located in these two biomes has a chance to drop a Citrine. Veins that feature gemstones visibly sticking out of them will guarantee a drop of that gem. To easily find Citrine, you’ll want to keep an eye out for any mineral vein featuring orange gemstones.

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The quest to unlock Olaf requires one of each of the three gems, so it should be relatively quick and easy to get your hands on a piece of Citrine if that’s your only need. To complete part of this quest, you’ll need to collect Amethyst, Citrine, and Emerald, which are required to activate empty pillars during this quest line. You will need to collect regular Citrine for the quest, not its shiny variant. Shiny Citrine can drop from veins in the same biomes just at a lower rate.

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If you want to improve your chances of receiving Citrine from a mineral vein, you can craft one of the game’s gathering buff consumables: Miracle Pickaxe Polish or Even More Miraculous Pickaxe Polish. These potions can be applied to your pickaxe to increase the chance you will obtain a gem while mining. The Miracle Pickaxe Polish lasts for five uses, and the Even More Miraculous Pickaxe Polish lasts for 12 uses. As long as you are mining in the correct biomes, you should have no problem obtaining Citrine, especially if you’re using one of these potions. However, since the potions require Dreamlight to craft and Citrine is one of the common gemstones, we don’t recommend using them if your focus is only on completing Olaf’s quest.

You can increase your chances of getting additional Citrine when mining by hanging out with a companion with the Mining role. You will have a chance to get an extra of the last item mined when you are accompanied by such a villager. This is extremely helpful and definitely recommended if you’re farming any minerals or gemstones in Dreamlight Valley.