Where to find Cold Blooded Coffers in Fortnite Most Wanted

Search coffers to instantly gain a full inventory of items.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Fortnite’s Most Wanted event sees the game’s battle royale island overtaken by a villainous group known as the Cold Blooded. As dangerous as its members are, they have delivered new weapons, vaults, and even a never-before-seen chest type for players to find. This chest type is fittingly named the Cold Blooded Coffer, and you will need to discover at least five in order to complete one of the event’s latest quests. Here is how to search and open Cold Blooded Coffers in Fortnite and what rewards you will earn by doing so.

All Cold Blooded Coffer locations in Fortnite Most Wanted

Unlike most chests on the map, Cold Blooded Coffers are held exclusively inside all of the Cold Blooded Vault locations, each being located in the middle of Brutal Bastion, Shattered Slabs, and Faulty Splits. However, in order to open these vaults, you must have a Cold Blooded boss’s Vault Keycard in your inventory. If that is done, the keycard can then be used on the kiosk to the left of the vault to break it open.

As shown below, two Cold Blooded Coffers spawn at the back of each Cold Blooded Vault, both of which will surround a Legendary-rarity chest. Upon opening one, players will be rewarded at least one Mythic weapon, two shield items, one health item, and 1,000 Gold. We recommend also using that Gold at an Ace’s Exotics or Armory vending machine, as these shops allow you to purchase any weapon in the current loot pool.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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You can also expect to earn goods after matches from these special chests. While the Most Wanted quests are live, players will earn 1,500 Infamy after five Cold Blooded Coffers are opened. This Infamy is then used to progress through the event’s rewards tracker, ultimately inching you closer to unlocking the limited-time Gold Blooded Ace skin.