Where to find No Fishing signs in Fortnite: Battle Royale

Time to break the rules.


The Cameo Vs. Chic mission has launched in Fortnite, and it’s time to break the rules and track down some No Fishing signs. The first challenge in the missions to fish at three No Fishing signs. To complete this, you will need to drop in at Slurpy Swamp, then search around until you find a fishing rod.

Evolve Screenshot 5

When you get it, there are three No Fishing signs very close to the factory, as the weird ooze from it has turned the surrounding area into a no-fishing zone. You need to catch an item, so anything that comes out of the ooze will help you get closer to finishing the challenge. 

You can find the No Fishing signs to the north, west, and south of Slurpy Swamp.


You can find this sign located near a dock with a large crate on it, and a tired up boat. 


You can find this sign near the huge outlet for the blue ooze on the south side. 

Evolve Screenshot 6


You can find this sign right beside the shore of the main swampy area to the west.

All you need to do is visit each spot, use your fishing rod to catch an item, and when you get a catch at all three signs, the challenge is complete. 

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