Where to visit Scenic Spot, Gorgeous Gorge, and Mount Kay in Fortnite – all locations

See the sights.

Fortnite contains a triple location challenge where you need to visit Scenic Spot, Gorgeous Gorge, and Mount Kay. You don’t need to visit all the locations in one match, thankfully.

In this guide, we will show you where to find them all. You can visit them in any order, and can choose to drop straight in on them from the Battle Bus at the start of three different matches, if you wish.

Scenic Spot Location

Scenic Spot can be found to the northwest of Colossal Coliseum, right on the edge of the desert. It’s a small hill with some trees on top, and normally has some loot up there.

Gorgeous Gorge Location

Gorgeous Gorge can be found between Hunter’s Haven and the desert. It is on the river, right after a massive waterfall and before the bridge with the boats hanging from it.

Mount Kay Location

Mount Kay is the massive mountain that can be found on the southeast cost of the island. It is the tallest point on the map, so either drop straight in from the Bus, or take the path marked by red flags on the back of the mountain to get to the top.

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