How to hit an opponent within 10 seconds of Zero Point Dashing in Fortnite

Closing the distance.


Zero Point Dashing is one of the Week 12 challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5. You will need to hit an opponent within 10 seconds of Zero Point Dashing if you want to earn some sweet XP for your Battle Pass.

There are two main ways to Zero Point Dash in the game. The first is to eat one of the small pink crystals that will appear in the desert beneath the Zero Point. After you have interacted with it, you can dash by jumping, then hitting the jump button again while you are still in the air.

The other way to gain this ability is to eat a Zero Point Fish. These fish can be found pretty much anywhere on the map and will grant you the same dashing ability. This method has the advantage of not being constrained to just one area of the map, and you can choose to keep the fish in your Inventory for when you run into a player.

In the middle of the desert, you will be relying on luck and hoping that other players will pass through the area. Team Rumble seems like a good option for this challenge, as it will allow you to hopefully have a large-scale gunfight with the benefit of respawns in this area.

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