Why Can’t You Ready Up After Match? Fortnite Ready Up Option Gone

The Fortnite Ready Up button is gone at the end of a match, so why is this happening?

Image by Epic Games

Image by Epic Games

It’s no surprise that due to the overwhelming response from players concerning the Fortnite OG Map, some glitches involving multiplayer would arise. Players seem to have trouble stringing consecutive rounds together, with the Ready Up and Keep Playing Together buttons being disabled on Fortnite.

Whether it’s due to the new numbers assaulting Fortnite’s servers thanks to the latest updates or just the servers having an unrelated issue, players reported an inability to use the Ready Up and Keep Playing Together buttons on Fortnite. This is quite the problem, considering this is how most players tend to continue their rounds together across devices. The glitch is frustrating for plenty of reasons, which is why we have all the information we know about the issue below.

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Why Can’t I Ready Up After a Match in Fortnite?

Image via Epic Games

At the time of writing on November 20, plenty of players are having issues chaining rounds together in Fortnite. While going back to the lobby for a separate match anew seems to work, the continuous round setup is having trouble in the game. This is likely due to all the attention that Fortnite received from bringing the OG Map and all its weapons (and Chug Jugs) back into play. With new crossovers like Omni-Man on the rise, it’s no wonder the servers are having a hard time with all the hype on the way.

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What Can I Do To Fix Ready-Up Issues in Fortnite?

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Image via Epic Games

The only thing players can do to resolve the issue is to play matches separately. Ready Up may be disabled for groups to continue playing together, but that doesn’t mean single rounds are affected. Since the issue is with the ability to play rounds consecutively, playing your rounds separately from the lobby is a good temporary solution until a fix occurs.

Unfortunately, a fix coming along is the only long-term solution to the problem. According to status updates from Fortnite’s social media pages, they’re working on a fix that will be implemented as soon as possible. If you prefer to wait until the game returns to normal, you can always take a break and check the official Epic Games Fortnite Status page to see the status of online functionality or check the Fortnite official Twitter account for announcements regarding ongoing issues.