Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 gameplay trailer flaunts dramatic map changes and new items — including an Attack on Titan Mythic

The season introduces Mega City and futuristic rides to its battle royale map.

Image via Fortnite’s YouTube

From Attack on Titan’s Eren Yeager to Japanese-themed outfits, Fortnite fans have already seen a handful of Chapter 4 Season 2 Battle Pass skins teased in recent days. The season’s first gameplay footage now follows these with highlights of new POIs and the latest weapons in the loot pool. Not only will players witness the debut of katanas in the battle royale for the first time, but the trailer details a new rail system and a collection of futuristic gear.

With the introduction of the new season, Fortnite is making numerous alterations to its battle royale map. Players can travel to a new biome filled with cherry blossom trees, a lake area, and the long-rumored Mega City POI. In the opening snippet of the trailer, Battle Pass skins are displayed riding just one of many zip rails that surround Mega City, while others are shown driving the season’s new futuristic cars and bikes. However, the biome also hosts yet another new POI made up of Japanese-style buildings.

To emphasize its heavy focus on Japanese culture, another cutscene reveals a new katana item that allows its users to strike down enemies with light and heavy attacks. The melee weapon is also accompanied by a previously-leaked Attack on Titan Mythic, with gameplay officially confirming the appearance of Eren Yeager’s Waist Grappler and its ability to hook onto structures and opponents. However, this does not mean the season bears nothing but old-school gadgets. Other new tools coming to chests include a Smart Pistol, a new assault rifle, and a never-before-seen shotgun.

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The trailer also makes excellent use of a recent discovery in the game’s community. Previously, several players reported spotting a gapping rift above the map, and it now appears these new locations have been teleported from it. For now, time will only tell if this rift will continue to deliver more POIs to the map over the course of the season or possibly even remove those that have overstayed their welcome.

via Fortnite’s YouTube