Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 teaser details its dazzling Battle Pass skins and a Mega-sized city POI

A look at what’s to come in the new season.

Image via Epic Games

With the newest season of Fortnite dropping on Match 10, fans are eager to see everything the next big update has to offer for the Battle Royale. Now, thanks to a newly released teaser trailer, we get a better look at some of the new skins and locations coming to the game. In the brief trailer, we get a better look at the Neo-Japanese theme and a good glimpse of a location inspired by the season theme, featuring plenty of neo-lights, signs, and billboards across a cityscape. We also got to see some of the new skins coming in Chapter 4 Season 2, including a couple of neo-samurai and lizard people, as well as Eren Yeager, which was confirmed today by Epic Games. However, there’s even more info out there thanks to leakers.

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We have some details on what else to expect from this season, thanks to prominent leakers such as ShiinaBR and HYPEX. Alongside the new theme, the fan-favorite POI Lucky Landing will be making its return to the map, which was first featured in Season 3. We can also expect new futuristic motorbikes to be added for players to ride, which also appear in the teaser trailer. There are also believed to be new augments and reboots that will increase your maximum shield, give you the siphon effect, or allow you to reboot after you die. We can also expect to see new and returning weapons and the inclusion of a long-awaited and rumored first-person game mode.

Fortnite will go into downtime at 2 AM ET on March 10th and 7 AM in the UK and will likely remain offline for a few hours before the new season is live. We currently don’t know an exact launch time for the new season, but we can expect Epic Games to be actively informing players when the game is back online.