Fortnite teasers may have unveiled Chapter 4 Season 2’s name and one of its new locations

Prepare for a mega new season.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Despite little word from developer Epic Games, there has been a bevy of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 leaks and rumors that have come to light in recent days. Previously, dataminers have alleged that the season could bear Battle Pass skins and map locations inspired by Japanese culture. There is now even more weight to this apparent leak as numerous Japanese-themed teasers for the content drop have been uncovered.

On Monday, Fortnite was treated to an unexpected, new Cipher questline challenge that tasked players with placing recruitment posters around the battle royale island. Upon completing it, challenge-doers could see an image of an unspecified skyscraper along with the text “Bustling Street” written in Japanese. At this time, Twitter account Hashflagsio had also discovered new Hashflags for Fortnite on the platform, “#FortniteMega” and “#GoToMega,” both of which are accompanied by a Japanese translation of “mega” in neon blue.

According to dataminer HYPEX, Mega is alleged to be the official name of Chapter 4 Season 2, and this supposed hashflag certainly emphasizes its rumored Japanese-inspired changes. Fortnite’s official Twitter account has yet to use these hashflags itself, though numerous players reported spotting a new season teaser on the Nintendo eShop that reveals the Battle Bus alongside a background with the same colors used in the Mega Hashflags and in-game posters.

via HYPEX’s Twitter

If these teasers are associated with Chapter 4 Season 2, the “Bustling Street” poster could be hinting at just one of the rumored locations to come to the game’s map. Last week, reputable leaker ShiinaBR claimed that the long-retired Lucky Landing point of interest could return alongside a new “Neo-Tokyo” location.

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It also appears the season may have much more up its sleeve than just map changes. Multiple well-known leakers in the game’s community speculated that the highly-requested first-person mode could finally debut during the season. However, as Epic Games has not disclosed any information regarding Chapter 4 Season 2, fans should take these claims lightly. In the meantime, those wanting to see the posters in-game can still do so before the Cipher quests and its rewards expire on March 10.