Grounded will finally get a full launch in September

It’s already built a big fan base.

Image via Obsidian

Grounded has seen some serious success despite being an early access game since 2020. In fact, it hit a new milestone of 10 million players in February of this year. That’s a very big crowd waiting for the game’s full release, and now we finally know when that’s coming.

Fans have been waiting for Grounded’s 1.0 release date for some time, and that will be happening on Tuesday, September 27. Game director Adam Brennecke shared the news on Twitter, coinciding with the game’s two-year anniversary. Brennecke thanked fans for their support, dropped the official release date, and also discussed some new features coming in the game’s last update before the launch.

Next up for Grounded is the Home Stretch Update, and as the name implies, it’s going to lay the groundwork for the game’s full 1.0 launch in September. Brennecke named a few features coming with the Home Stretch, including a cookery building (which will start housing the game’s meal system), a pet gnat, and an overhauling of the armor and weapon upgrade system. There’s also “a secret feature that isn’t ready” to be talked about just yet but will also be part of the update.

In terms of what we can expect from the 1.0 release in September, Brennecke called it the game’s “biggest update ever,” which certainly makes sense. The same wording was used for the game’s October 2021 update, so picture even more content than that. The launch will bring in the game’s “full story, a lot of surprises, [and] a lot of mysteries,” all of which will help “fully uncover why you’re in the backyard and how you’re gonna get out of this mess.” You’ll be able to do all that with crossplay between PC and Xbox consoles too.

For those already playing Grounded in early access, we have plenty of tips and tricks for surviving in the backyard. How to craft an oven is a particularly good thing to know, what with that cookery coming at launch.