All Operation: Snowdown challenges in Fortnite

Plenty of free stuff up for grabs.


It appears that Fortnite’s winter event this year may just be called Operation: Snowdown, based on information from the patch notes, and the hard work of some clever leakers and data miners.

There will be lots of new challenges associated with Operation: Snowdown, with two free skins up for the grabs in the form of Snowmando and Frost Squad. We don’t have any real details on when this event might start, but if this is the Fortnite winter event his year, you can probably expect it to begin before the end of the week.

  • Visit different Snowmando outposts (0/5) – 10000XP
  • Deal damage with Lever Action Rifle (0/100) – 10000XP
  • Complete Operation Snowdown Quests (0/9) – Snowmando Skin
  • Complete Operation Snowdown Quests 0/12 – Frost Squad Skin
  • Dance at different Holiday trees (0/5) – 10000XP
  • Search chests at Snowmando outposts (0/5) – 10000XP
  • Place Top 10 with friends in squads (0/3) – 20000XP
  • Destroy Nutcracker statues (0/5) – 10000XP
  • Travel 5,000 meters in X-4 Stormwings (0/5000) – 10000XP
  • Shoot down opponent structures with X-4 Stormwings (0/10) – 20000XP
  • Collect Gold Bars (0/100) – 10000XP
  • Catch a Snowy Flopper 0/1 – 10000XP
  • Revive a player in different matches (0/3) – 20000XP
  • Hide inside a Sneaky Snowmando in different matches (0/3) – 10000XP
  • Play duo/squads with friends (0/5) – 20000XP
  • Stoke a campfire (0/2) – 10000XP
  • Deal damage at Snowmando outposts (0/250) – 10000XP
  • Use Chiller Launcher to apply ice feet to opponents (0/10) – 20000XP

As you can see, lots of fun stuff to get up to in this event, and we will have plenty of guides to help you finish up all of these challenges and your hands on all that lovely XP for your Battle Pass.