All Survivor achievements in Dead by Daylight

Break free the killer’s hooks to become the true Escape Artist.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

When you play a Survivor main in Dead by Daylight, there are already a lot of obstacles in your way, let alone a heap of achievements. However, there still exists an astounding 50+ achievements to scrounge for while you struggle to survive each violent round. Excluding the Adept achievements, which are specialized for each character, this is the full list of milestones for the ultimate Survivors to complete.

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Team-player achievements

While it’s easy to just focus on yourself in a game, the team aspect of Dead by Daylight is half the reason you can get any wins. If you coordinate, these altruistic achievements should be a piece of cake.

  • Triage: Heal Survivors that come to you a total of 30 times
  • Selfless Survival: Heal 30 dying Survivors to the Injured State
  • Medic: Heal other Survivors for a total of 100 Health States
  • Wounded Healer: Heal other Survivors for 50 Health States while you are injured as well
  • Healthy Obsession: Heal the Obsession for 10 Health States
  • Resurgence: Heal other Survivors for a total of 10 Health States, while all Survivors are either injured, dying, or hooked
  • Humanitarian: Affect other Survivors with positive status Effects 50 times
  • Fleet of Foot: Increase fellow Survivors’ movement speed a total of 50 times
  • Bodyguard: Take 30 protective hits while the Killer is carrying a Survivor
  • Taking One for the Team: Take 250 Protection Hits within 10 meters of a Hook
  • Rescue Mission: Rescue 5 Survivors from the Killer’s Grasp using a pallet to stun the Killer
  • No One Left Behind: Rescue someone off the Hook after the Exit Gates have been powered
  • I’ve Got Your Back: Rescue 50 Survivors from the Hook

Escape achievements

Getting out through the Exit Gates or the Hatch is the main goal of Dead by Daylight, so get some of these milestones along the way.

  • Escaping the Nightmare: Open 25 Exit Gates
  • Outrun Evil: Crawl your way out through the Hatch
  • Made It Out Alive!: Escape 100 Trials alive
  • Left for Dead: As the last Survivor alive, manage to repair the last remaining Generator and escape through the Exit Gates
  • Item of Obsession: When you are the Killer’s Obsession, escape the Trial through the Exit Gates as the last Survivor without being injured even once
  • Skilled Generalist: Escape 8 times while repairing the equivalent of 1 Generator with only 3 universal perks equipped
  • Expert Generalist: Escape 8 times while having repaired the equivalent of 1 Generator with only 2 General Survivor Perks equipped
  • Power Moves: Escape a Trial 8 times while having 0 Perks equipped and having repaired the equivalent of 1 Generator
  • Risk It All: With any Survivor, enter The Fog and survive a Trial with an Ultra Rare or Add-on without a White Ward protecting it
Image via Behaviour Interactive

Killer-dodging achievements

Keeping the killer occupied is a fantastic skill to have, so taunt the enemy in every way imaginable (and get achievements while you’re taunting them).

  • Insult and Injury: Escape a chase 50 times after stunning the Killer with a pallet
  • Leapfrog: Vault 200 pallets or windows while looping the Killer
  • Close Shave: Dodge 100 attacks or projectiles while
  • Whiffing to Success: Cause the Killer to miss 50 attacks just before vaulting an obstacle
  • With Scars to Show: Go from the Healthy to Injured State during a Chase and evade the Killer a total of 50 times
  • Hiding Seeker: End 25 Chases against any Killer by hiding inside a Locker
  • Cutting Out: Wiggle out of the Killer’s grasp 10 times
  • Near-Death Experience: Escape 25 Trials alive while only having been downed once
  • Perfect Escape: With any Survivor, complete a Trial with at least 5,000 Bloodpoints in each Score Category
  • Escape Artist: Successfully free yourself from the Hook and escape through the Exit Gates
  • Not Today: Unhook yourself 50 times

Repair and destruction achievements

If you aren’t being targeted by the killer, get on those generators, totems, and hooks to pave your way to victory (and more achievements!).

Survival achievements

These are the kind of milestones you hit by playing the game and getting better at it, so just keep going. They can have a lot of overlap with progress achievements.

  • Every Last Drop: Deplete 30 Items
  • Apt Survivor: Start a Trial with a full Survivor load-out (one item, two add-ons, and one offering)
  • Sorted Spend: more than 50 % of the Trial in the Injured State and escape
  • Nerves of Steel: Succeed 500 Skill Checks
  • Expert Survivor: Reach Grade Silver I playing Survivor
  • Master Survivor: Reach Grade Gold I playing Survivor
  • Legendary Survivor: Reach Grade Iridescent I playing Survivor
Image via Behaviour Interactive

Treasure achievements

If you love to loot, Dead by Daylight Chests exist to be looted. Keep an eye out for them (and other goodies, like a dropped flashlight) in your next game.

  • Looter: Unlock 100 Chests
  • Milk ‘n’ Cookies: Take 30 Items from the Chest located inside the Basement
  • Survival Treasures: Escape a Trial and bring a new Item with you to The Campfire
  • Vulture: Get back to The Campfire with an Item that another Survivor had brought into The Fog