All Killer achievements in Dead by Daylight

Offer The Entity 1,000 Survivors for a proper feast.

Image via Behaviour Interactive

According to some Dead by Daylight fans, playing Killer is the best part of the game. While you spook and slaughter the helpless Survivors, increase the difficulty of your game by trying to complete these Killer achievements. Only when you get them all will you be the ultimate Dead by Daylight slayer.

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Challenge achievements

To start, these milestones are all about getting better at the game (they’re just specific to Killer gameplay, unlike the other general “progress achievements”). Whether you rise in rank or do load-out challenges, you have to get pretty good to have a chance at them.

  • Expert Killer: Reach Grade Silver I playing Killer
  • Master Killer: Reach Grade Gold I playing Killer
  • Legendary Killer: Reach Grade Iridescent I playing Killer
  • Apt Killer: Start a trial with a full Load-Out as a Killer (2 Add-ons and 1 Offering)
  • Perfect Killing: With any Killer, complete a trial with at least 5,000 Bloodpoints in each Score Category
  • Tools of the Trade: Achieve a merciless victory 5 times in a public match with only 3 universal perks equipped

Hook and sacrifice achievements

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Using hooks to sacrifice souls to the ever-looming Entity is the whole point of the game, so help feed the beast with these goals.

  • Pre-emptive Strike: Hook one Survivor before the first Generator is completed
  • Broken Bodies: Hook 10 Survivors while all others are injured
  • End of Days: Hook 15 Survivors during the Endgame
  • Holiday Get-Together: Have at least 3 Survivors hooked in the Basement in a single trial
  • Texas BBQ: Hook 25 Survivors in the Basement
  • A Bite for The Entity: Sacrifice a total of 100 Survivors
  • A Feast for The Entity: Sacrifice a total of 1,000 Survivors
  • The Grand Sacrifice: Sacrifice all Survivors in a single trial
  • Devoted Gatekeeping: Sacrifice all Survivors 25 times before the last Generator was repaired
  • Game Over: Sacrifice or kill 30 Survivors after the last Generator has been powered
  • Serial Killer: Sacrifice 30 Obsessions

Survivor-hunting achievements

Getting looped by Survivors can be pretty frustrating, but few things are as satisfying as downing a taunting Dwight. Whether with status effects or your own keen intuition, punish Survivors and accomplish these milestones at the same time.

  • Punch Drunk: Afflict 30 Survivors with the Oblivious status effect
  • Prowler: Detect a total of 100 Survivors with Killer Instinct
  • High-Speed Pursuit: As a Killer, vault a total of 50 times while chasing Survivors
  • From the Deep: Grab 25 Survivors hiding inside a Locker
  • Outrage: Hit 100 Survivors who dropped a pallet during a chase
  • Heavy Burden: Hit 25 individual Survivors while carrying another Survivor
  • Death of Ignorance: Down 15 Survivors suffering from the Oblivious status effect
  • I See You: Down 30 Survivors suffering from the Exposed status effect
  • First to the Punch: Down a total of 30 Survivors within 8 meters of an upright pallet
  • Multi-tasker: Down 30 Survivors while carrying another Survivor

Map control achievements

Image via Behaviour Interactive

Newbie Killers often make the mistake of just focusing on the Survivors. However, having impressive map control can be even more frightening (and effective). So, hunting these achievements could make you an even better Killer.

  • Denied!: Close the Hatch 30 times
  • Silent Approach: Interrupt and grab 25 Survivors while they are repairing Generators
  • Quick Draw: Interrupt 10 Survivors cleansing a Totem
  • Ghost in the Machine: Damage a total of 50 Generators while Undetectable
  • Party Crasher: Damage 100 Generators while any Survivor is hooked

Killer-specific achievements

While most of the Survivor achievements are open-ended for whatever character you prefer, quite a few Killer goals are very specific. From The Shape to The Mastermind, cycle through all your favorite Killers to clear out these milestones.

  • Bloodbath: With The Oni, down 75 Survivors with Blood Fury
  • Bound and Downed: With The Deathslinger, down 30 speared Survivors
  • Butcherin’: With The Cannibal, chainsaw 100 Survivors
  • Biological Weaponry: With The Nemesis, down 65 Contaminated Survivors using Tentacle Strikes
  • Bump in the Night: With The Dredge, down 50 Survivors during Nightfall
  • Caws of Death: With The Artist, Down 50 Survivors with Dire Crows in public matches
  • Cleansed in Agony: With The Executioner, ensnare 30 Survivors in Cages of Atonement
  • Collision Course: With The Mastermind, slam one Survivor into another 10 times
  • Conniption: With The Spirit, down 30 Survivors while coming out of Yamaoka’s Haunting
  • Cripple Them All: With The Trapper, grab 100 trapped Survivors directly out of the Bear Trap
  • Deranged Pursuit: With The Legion, down 25 individual Survivors affected by the Deep Wound status effect
  • Dream Master: With The Nightmare, pull 200 Survivors into the Dream World
  • Evil Incarnate: With The Shape, kill all Survivors with Evil Within III in a single trial
  • Even Punishment: With The Hag, hit all Survivors at least once after teleporting to Phantasm Traps in a single trial
  • From the Void She Kills: With The Nurse, chain at least 3 Blinks together and interrupt a Survivor, grabbing them successfully
  • In the Void She Walks: With The Nurse, successfully land 500 Blink Attacks or Blink Interrupts
  • I Want to Play a Game: With The Pig, put 125 Reverse Bear Traps on Survivors
  • Jump Scares: With The Wraith, land Surprise Attacks on Survivors coming out of the Cloak
  • Mad House: With The Doctor, bring all Survivors to Madness Tier III at least once in a single trial
  • One Thousand Cuts: With the Trickster, deal maximum Laceration on Survivors 50 times
  • Shocking Treatment: With The Doctor, land 500 Shock Therapy Attacks
  • Skilled Huntress: With The Huntress, down 20 Survivors using Hunting Hatchets from at least 24 meters away
  • Smoked: With The Clown, down 100 Survivors intoxicated by The Afterpiece Tonic
  • Speed Kills: With The Blight, hit 30 Survivors with a Lethal Rush
  • Swirling Death: With The Huntress, throw 1,000 Hunting Hatchets
  • Tag Team: With The Twins, down 10 Survivors while Victor is latched onto them
  • Tear Their Soul Apart: With The Cenobite, bind Survivors with Possessed Chains 50 times
  • Terminal Illness: With The Plague, down 50 Survivors affected by the maximum Sickness level
  • The Grind: With The Hillbilly, chainsaw 100 Survivors
  • The Man Behind the Bush: With The Shape, stalk Survivors for 300 Evil Within Tier-ups
  • Totally Vulnerable: With The Ghost Face, down 50 Marked Survivors
  • Triggered: With The Hag, have Survivors trigger 300 Phantasm Traps
  • Viral Video: With The Onryo, apply Condemned on Survivors a total of 30 times