All Weapon & Item Locations for Highrise in CoD Modern Warfare 3

You’ll need to track down 19 weapons and items during Modern Warfare 3’s Highrise mission, and this guide shows you where to find them.


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The Open Combat Missions in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 encourage you to find any weapon while on the map, and use it to your advantage. You’ll need to track down every weapon and item scattered throughout the Highrise mission, adding them to your collection to use them later.

You’ll need to track down all 19 weapons and items for this mission, giving you a wide range of loadouts you can make for the higher difficulties. I’ve found that it’s easier to round everything up by completing it on a lower difficulty, and then repeating it after you’ve filled out your loadout with your favorite weapons. Here’s what you need to know about all weapon and item locations during Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’s Highrise mission.

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Where to Find All Weapon & Item Locations in Modern Warfare 3’s Highrise

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When you work on this mission for the first time, you’ll start with a Lockwood 680 and a 9MM Parabellum. You’ll want to swap these out for different weapons as you progress through the mission, and there are 19 to track down before the end of Modern Warfare 3’s Highrise mission. The process will be similar to the previous ones you’ve already finished: Reactor, Oligarch, Crash Site, and Precious Cargo.

You’re going to find the weapons and items inside of orange crates. These crates will be relatively easy for you to spot, but it might be hard to track down their exact location. They don’t show up on your mini-map until you get close, which took me a few tries to narrow down. It can be confusing during the Highrise mission, and that means you’ll eat up precious time. After you have all 19 weapons and items from this Modern Warfare 3 mission, it should make more challenging difficulties of this mission easier to do as you can customize your loadout from the start.

These are all of the weapons and items that you can find during Modern Warfare 3’s Highrise mission.

Weapon & Item LocationWeapon & Item Name
50-GS-Highrise-in-Modern-Warfare-3.50 GS
Anti-Armor-Rounds-Highrise-in-Modern-Warfare-3Anti Armor Rounds
Explosive-Crossbow-Highrise-in-Modern-Warfare-3Explosive Crossbow
Incendiary-Bryson-800-Highrise-in-Modern-Warfare-3Incendiary Bryson 800
Incendiary-MCW-Highrise-in-Modern-Warfare-3Incendiary MCW
ISO-Hemlock-Highrise-in-Modern-Warfare-3ISO Hemlock
PDSW-528-Highrise-in-Modern-Warfare-3PDSW 528
Silenced-Cor-45-Highrise-in-Modern-Warfare-3Silenced Cor-45
Silenced-Expedite-12-Highrise-in-Modern-Warfare-3Silenced Expedite 12
Silenced-Kastov-762-Highrise-in-Modern-Warfare-3Silenced Kastov 762
Silenced-MTZ-Interceptor-Highrise-in-Modern-Warfare-3Silenced MTZ Interceptor
Silenced-TAQ-M-Highrise-in-Modern-Warfare-3Silenced TAQ-M
Snapshot-Pulse-Highrise-in-Modern-Warfare-3Snapshot Pulse
Silenced-Striker-9-Highrise-in-Modern-Warfare-3Silenced Striker 9
Vel-46-Highrise-in-Modern-Warfare-3Vel 46
WSP-Stinger-Highrise-in-Modern-Warfare-3WSP Stinger