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Breezy Snapshots Guide for Genshin Impact — Windblume’s Breath

Windblume's Breath is the perfect time to snap pictures in Mondstadt.

With all the beautiful festive decorations set up in Mondstadt for the Windblume’s Breath Event, it is hard not to want to take some pictures for the Breezy Snapshots activity. During this photo-taking fiesta, you will be given a Windblume Kamera, a gadget almost identical to your Kamera. The main difference is that you can choose from three preset angles before taking your snapshot. While snapping pictures of your favorite Genshin characters is undoubtedly fun, you must not overlook the objectives that come with each photo challenge during the event.

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How to Unlock Breezy Snapshots in Genshin Impact

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All three main activities of the Windblume’s Breath Event in Genshin Impact are unlocked via the same quest, “A Gathering of Outlanders.” Whether you have completed the prerequisite quests or chose to “Quick Start” straight into the event, you must go through the same process of meeting up with friends from Mondstadt and Sumeru. After around thirty-five minutes of cutscenes and friendly banter, “A Gathering of Outlanders” will be over, and you will be free to visit the Windblume Leisure, the event near the town’s side gate. Here, you can meet Fassben, an Adventurer who will lend you his Windblume Kamera for the festival. 

How to play Breezy Snapshots in Genshin Impact

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Whether you are a pro at making your characters photogenic in Genshin Impact or hardly use your Kamera at all, the core concept of Breezy Snapshots in Windblume’s Breath is effortless to comprehend. If you open the activity via the Events Menu to the first set of photo challenges, you will see three locations you must visit, each with its own themes and cheesy descriptions. You do not need to worry about getting the perfect angle at the locations since the Windblume Kamera will do that for you. Moreover, each spot has a glowing light with a Kamera icon, showing exactly where you need to position yourself for the shot. 

How to complete Breezy Snapshots in Genshin Impact

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After you arrive at one of the locations assigned to you during Breezy Snapshots of Windblume’s Breath in Genshin Impact, you can pose and take as many pictures as you want. However, to earn event rewards from this activity, you must clear the three objectives described for each location. For instance, the first challenge has you stand near Mondstadt City’s front gate, where you must take one photo with a character between 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. If these three conditions have been met, the challenge will be completed.

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Completing a Challenge for Windblume's Breath Breezy Snapshots in Genshin Impact
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On the other hand, not every Breezy Snapshots challenge is as simple as the first during the Windblume’s Breath Event in Genshin Impact. You might need to use a character from a specific region or have them perform a particular action; otherwise, you will fail the challenge. Fortunately, there is no time limit, so you can attempt as many times as you need before Windblume’s Breath ends on March 20, 2023. However, do remember to claim your rewards after clearing each challenge. The Festive Tickets received from Breezy Snapshots can be used to get Talent Level-Up Materials and a Crown of Insight in Genshin Impact.

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