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Floral Pursuit Table Floral Chess in Genshin Impact Windblume's Breath
Screenshot by Gamepur

Floral Pursuit Guide for Genshin Impact — Windblume’s Breath

Play Pac-Man with your favorite Genshin characters!

If you are a fan of Pac-Man-style 3D maze games, you will definitely enjoy Floral Pursuit, one of the three main activities of the Windblume’s Breath Event in Genshin Impact. This minigame has you placed into instanced chambers, where you must collect balloons but escape larger balloons who pursue you, similar to the “ghosts” in Pac-Man. Fortunately, it is not game over if they catch you, as you are provided plenty of lives to clear the challenge. Clearing the first stage of Floral Pursuit will reward you with Primogems, Floral Coupons for the Event Shop, and the Mailed Flower, a Claymore exclusive to the Windblume’s Breath Event.

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How to unlock Floral Pursuit in Genshin Impact

How to Start Floral Pursuit for Genshin Impact Windblume's Breath Map Location
Screenshot by Gamepur

To unlock the Floral Pursuit in Genshin Impact, you must complete Act I of Windblume’s Breath, “A Gathering of Outlanders.” During this quest, you will see several familiar faces from Mondstadt and Sumeru. This quest will take you roughly half an hour to complete, after which you are free to participate in the three activities that Windblume’s Breath has to offer. To get started on Floral Pursuit in Genshin Impact, head to the festive event site outside of Mondstadt City’s northern gate and speak with an Adventurer NPC named Plauen. 

How to play Floral Pursuit in Genshin Impact

Being Chased by a Balloon in Genshin Impact Floral Pursuit
Screenshot by Gamepur

The minigame of Floral Pursuit in Windblume’s Breath of Genshin Impact is actually referred to by Plauen as Floral Chess. As mentioned above, the experience actually has very little to do with chess and instead functions similarly to a 3D Pac-Man with Genshin characters. Your goal in Floral Chess is to collect a certain number of Bloom Balloons to progress through different rooms while being pursued by Ersatz Balloons. You do not need to collect every balloon to advance, nor do you need to worry about any penalty of being caught. If an Ersatz Balloon touches you, your character will lose a life or Pursuit Point and be sent back to the beginning section of the chamber with no loss in progression.

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Power Ups in Floral Pursuit for Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Gamepur

While you can swap characters in Genshin Impact during Floral Pursuit in Windblume’s Breath, you cannot activate their Elemental Abilities or Bursts. However, the minigame does not leave you completely helpless against your pursuers. Instead, you can find three types of “pick-ups” throughout the level:

  • Galeblessing: This pick-up gives you one charge of Ersatz Dispeller, which enables you to defeat any Ersatz Balloon you touch for seven seconds. You can activate this skill by pressing your Normal Attack input.
  • Swiftblessing: Although this pick-up was not given a name, we called it “Swiftblessing” since it temporarily boosts your character’s speed for several seconds, allowing you to quickly escape any pursuing Ersatz Balloons.
  • Gatherblessing: This pick-up acts as a magnet, expanding your collection range for Bloom Balloons for 10 seconds. It activates upon pick up.

You will face three types of Ersatz Balloons in Floral Pursuit in Genshin Impact: Whispering Breeze, Bumper Shroom, and Spherical Squall. Stage 1 of the minigame, “Ordered Wind,” only has you encounter Whispering Breeze and Bumper Shroom, while Spherical Squall will be introduced in later stages. Bumper Shroom is noticeably faster than Whispering Breeze, so make sure to keep your distance when collecting Bloom Balloons.

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How to complete Floral Pursuit in Genshin Impact

Finish Ring for completing Floral Pursuit in Genshin Impact Windblume's Breath
Screenshot by Gamepur

Collecting every Bloom Balloon is not necessary to complete the Floral Chess minigame in Windblume’s Breath of Genshin Impact. As long as you gather around 80 to 90% of all the balloons, a flowery wreath called the Ring of Pursuit will appear in the final chamber of the instance. You can touch this ring to complete Floral Pursuit in Genshin Impact. A perfect score or retaining all of your Pursuit Points is not necessary to get all the event rewards. For instance, we lost two lives but still achieved over 1,000 points beyond the requirement for earning all three prize tiers. In other words, there is no need for perfection. 

Claiming Floral Pursuit Rewards in Genshin Impact
Screenshot by Gamepur

After clearing “Ordered Wind” in Genshin Impact, be sure to claim your rewards on the Floral Pursuit Event Menu screen of Windblume’s Breath. The same approach is required for every stage you will unlock later on as the event progresses. The rewards for completion will not be given to you automatically, so you must always remember to receive all the prize tiers every time. You can participate in the Floral Pursuit’s Floral Chess minigame until Windblume’s Breath ends on March 20, 2023. 

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