Can you customize controls in Mario Strikers: Battle League? Answered

Not a fan of how it plays?

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo has a history of keeping players experiencing the game as intended. It’s not very common for Nintendo to allow its players to change up various aspects of their games, even for the most basic customization options like control settings. That being said, the company is starting to be more lenient on these issues. If you are not comfortable with the original controls, you might be wondering if you can change the controls in Mario Strikers: Battle League. Fortunately, we have the answer.

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Can Mario Strikers: Battle League’s controls be changed?

Unfortunately, there is no way to change the controls of Mario Strikers: Battle League in-game. The passing, shooting, and other inputs are stuck the way that Nintendo designed them to be. If you go into the Settings and click on Controls, all you will be shown is an image outlining what each button input does for various Nintendo Switch controller configurations; there is no way to change them.

While you can not adjust the controls on the fly, you can remap your Switch controller to act differently. This is done in the System’s Settings and will make it so the input you change takes on a different function. It is important to note, though, that this will permanently change that controller in all games moving forward, so if you want the default controls in other games, you will need to come back and change it again. Unfortunately, if you are not a fan of Nintendo’s Mario Strikers: Battle League controls, that is the only thing you can do to alternate to a more comfortable system.

While you can’t change your controls, you can change how your characters play. From Turbo Gear to Muscle Gear to even Bushido Gear, the game has all kinds of cosmetics that will alter your stats to make players like Peach into soccer stars.