Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Week 6 – map challenges

Short and simple.


Image via Epic Games

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4 Week 6 will begin on Thursday, October 1, but we already know what the weekly challenges will be. There will be eight different challenges to complete, seven of which will be worth 25,000 XP and one that will be worth 50,000 XP. This gives us a total of 225,000 XP from the Week 6 challenges to help us rank up our Battle Pass.

  • Search 7 chests at Weeping Woods (0/7) – 25,000 XP
  • Get 3 eliminations at Misty Meadows (0/3) -25,000 XP
  • Collect 300 Stone From Coral Castle (0/300) – 25,000 XP
  • Consume a Legendary Fish (0/1) – 25,000 XP
  • Consume Foraged Items At Holly Hedges (0/5) – 25,000 XP
  • Ride a Zipline From Retail Row to Steamy Stacks (0/1) – 25,000 XP
  • Deal damage after knocking an opponent back with Black Panther’s Kinetic Shockwave – 50,000 XP
  • Deal 500 damage to opponents at Slurpy Swamp (0/500) – 25,000 XP

Once again, the weekly challenges follow a pretty simple pattern. You will need to search seven chests at Weeping woods, and get three eliminations at Misty Meadows, both of which are quite easy to do.

Coral Castle can be found in the northwest corner of the map, and you will need to harvest 300 stone there. You can also grab the floating rings if you didn’t get around to it last week. Consuming a legendary fish will boil down to luck, and you can get fish by opening freezers or fishing at any lake or river.

You can find plenty of consumable items in the gardens and shops of Holly Hedges, and for now, we assume that the Kinetic Shockwave Mythic will be available from the Drones at Quinjet patrol sites, like many other Mythics this season.

As always, we will have plenty of guides showing the fastest and easiest way to do any of the more complex challenges when they go live in the game on Thursday.