Fortnite Week 7 Chapter 2 Season 2 – Skye’s Adventure challenges

Look to the Skye.


This week’s new challenges are all about Skye, the next Agent in line now that Meowscles Mischief is all wrapped up. As always, this is the first week of Skye’s challenges, bringing us ten new tasks to get through. Next week we will get 10 more, and you will need to finish a total of 18 of them to get a chance at completing the final mission to get your hands on the Skye Ghost or Shadow style skin.

There are lots of location-based challenges this week, along with some more standard ones to work through. SMG or Pistol damage is easy; just look for the relevant weapons. 400 damage means four kills if you are good, or eight gunfights if you are bad. For the material collection challenge, remember that you need to get 75 of each type, not just 75 in total.

As always, we will have plenty of guides available when these challenges go live in the game, so be sure to check back on the day if you need any assistance.

The final Deadpool challenges will be arriving on Friday, so make sure you check back in to find out what you need to go to get your hands on that sweet Deadpool skin.