How to bounce five times on Spider-Man’s bouncers without touching the ground in Fortnite Chapter 3

Bounce your way to a massive amount of XP.

Screenshot by Gamepur

As part of Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1’s seasonal challenges, players are tasked with finding and bouncing on Spider-Man’s various webs five times without touching land. As most of these web bouncers blast players into an awkward diagonal direction, this challenge doesn’t come without its difficulty. Although, there is one section of the map that makes this task much easier.

To begin this challenge, your best bet is to head to the canyon that is in between Rocky Reels and Condo Canyon (as shown below). Of course, The Daily Bugle is quite popular for having a number of these web bouncers around, but this canyon certainly does too, and barely ever has other players around. Better yet, one of its webs also has Spider-Man’s Web Shooters near it.

Screenshot by Gamepur

We recommend starting this process by jumping from the top of the canyon and falling onto the web. This will supply enough bounce for you to control where you land, making it easier for you to do this five times over. If you’re struggling, you can also shoot the Web Shooters onto the bouncer to jump once more.

Upon completion, you’ll be rewarded 25,000 XP for your efforts — a great boost for you to possibly earn another five Battle Stars. Aside from this, another excellent seasonal quest that leads to a mass amount of XP is finding Gauco, Bunker Jonesy, and Cuddle Team Leader.

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