How to complete the Most Wanted Leaderboards challenge in Fortnite

Pull off heists in order to earn a collection of rare cosmetics.

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Despite carrying dozens of quests in-game, the Fortnite Most Wanted event even has some special festivities to discover outside of the battle royale island. Those who have mastered the art of cracking open the event’s vaults should now jump into the Most Wanted Leaderboards challenge. This lets you see where you rank in terms of players who pulled off the most heists during Most Wanted, and there are even some exclusive rewards to earn while topping its charts. Here’s how to complete the Most Wanted Leaderboards challenge in Fortnite and all the cosmetics it offers.

How to sign up and complete the Most Wanted Leaderboards Challenge in Fortnite

Until February 28, players taking part in the Fortnite Most Wanted event can sign-up to be included in the Most Wanted Leaderboards challenge from its dedicated website — so be sure to have your Epic Games account login on hand. From there, you can click and see which players have opened the most Cold Blooded Vaults during the event, and it features different leaderboards to compare yourself to others globally, regionally, or in your Epic Games friend list. Keep in mind, any progress made during the event will only be counted toward the challenge after you have signed up.

All Most Wanted Leaderboards challenge rewards in Fortnite

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Despite having leaderboards, those who rank at the top of the charts should not expect to receive a unique reward for doing so. Instead, there are four different cosmetics that can be granted to your account simply by signing up, inviting friends, and cracking open the Cold Blooded Vaults. You can find all Most Wanted Leaderboards rewards and their unlock methods below.

  • The GG Flamed Emotion: Sign up for the Most Wanted Leaderboards challenge
  • Live to Ride Spray: Invite a friend during the Fortnite Most Wanted event
  • Retro Rival weapon Wrap: Open 20 Cold Blooded Vaults
  • Clean Getaway Loading Screen: Given to all Leaderboards challenge players after February 28.

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While you are breaking open vaults to climb the leaderboards, you will even gain Infamy along the way — but the good kind. During the event, those who finish the Most Wanted quests will earn this unique currency and progress through its rewards tracker. The tracker holds over a dozen cosmetics for players to unlock, including one skin based on Cold Blooded member Gold Blooded Ace.