How to craft mechanical weapons using mechanical parts and a makeshift weapon in Fortnite

Time to tinker.

Image via Gamepur

For a challenge in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 Week 1, you will need to craft a mechanical weapon using mechanical parts, and a makeshift weapon. There is a lot to break down here in the new season, so lets run through it.

A new crafting system has been introduced that players can access through their inventory. They can gather up resources while playing, then craft new items during matches.

Weapons have been split up into different types, Mechanical and Primal. Mechanical weapons are basically the same weapons you are used to from previous season, and look like normal shotguns, rifles, pistols, etc.

Primal weapons are different, and are made of bones and bits of wood, very old looking stuff. To make either of them, you need Makeshift weapons that can be found all over the map, and are normally Uncommon or Common items.

Mechanical parts can be found by smashing up cars, trucks, jeeps, buses, trailers, or tractors, and will automatically be added to your crafting inventory when you pick them up. They do not take up a slot in your toolbar.

Only when you have enough mechanical parts, and a makeshift weapon, will you be able to see the option to make a mechanical weapon in your crafting tab. When you have enough pieces, click on the weapon in the bar on the bottom, then the mechanical option, which will just be the standard name. As you can see in the image above, it is a “Submachine Gun”. Then click Craft to make it.