How to find and use a Dial-A-Drop in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4

The battle royale finally lets players choose what items are inside Supply Drops.

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Fortnite players can expect to see far more Supply Drops land on its battle royale island during each match with the addition of the Dial-A-Drop. This item comes to the loot pool for the very first time, giving players the power to call in one of three different types of Supply Drops. The package can either come with top-tier weapons, healing supplies, or even a vehicle. However, you likely won’t discover the item right after landing. Here’s how to get a Dial-A-Drop in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4.

Where to get a Dial-A-Drop in Fortnite, and how it works

Dial-A-Drops take the shape of walkie talkies that are exclusively within regular chests, Legendary Chests, and they also appear as ground loot. Additionally, their spawn rates are incredibly low, but there is one method for upping your chances of finding it. We recommend players use any keys found in chests to open vaults around the map. Vaults typically hold up to two Legendary Chests and two regular chests, so you can even expect some excellent weapons to join your inventory during this hunt.

Once a Dial-A-Drop is picked up, you can select the item from your inventory and then press your respective shoot button to activate its dedicated menu. You will then be offered the choice between a standard Supply Drop with valuable weapons, a Healing Supply Drop full of shield and health items, or a Vehicle Drop that grants a pickup truck with the Cow Catcher and Off-Road Tires mods equipped. Each Dial-A-Drop only supplies one Supply Drop, so players should choose very carefully. No matter your choice, the Supply Drop will take about 30 seconds to finally land. This means your squad will need to protect the location, as others can see it slowly falling from the sky.

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It is also worth noting that the item can be found in other modes, such as Battle Lab and Horde Rush. The Dial-A-Drop should even help lead you to a new cosmetic in Horde Rush, with the mode tasking players to complete at least eight missions in its own questline to earn the limited-time Pickle Rick Back Bling.